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Information About Yozio

Company Name Yozio
Website welcome.yozio.com
Category Analytics Software
Company Description Yozio is helping mobile growth, marketing and product teams at companies like Airbnb, Eventbrite and Pinterest crack the code on organic mobile app growth.
Country United States
Company Size 42
Company Phone 4155292495

Financial Information of Yozio

Customer Database 0
Revenue $1.6M
Year-over-Year Growth
Funding $7M
Founded Year 2012
Social Media Presence
Linkedin Page http://www.linkedin.com/company/yozio
Facebook Page http://www.facebook.com/pages/Yozio/1391312297757935
Twitter Page http://twitter.com/YozioGrowth
Yozio’s Founder Information
Founder Name Dane Holewinski
First Name Dane
Last Name Holewinski
Founder Email
Technology Using Perfect Audience; Postmark; Optimizely; Sendgrid; Salesforce; MediaMath; Marketo; App Nexus; Google Analytics; Google Apps; WordPress; DoubleClick Ads