View Uttar Pradesh Land Map | UP Bhu Naksha | UP Plot Map Online Report (Shajra)

Uttar Pradesh Land Map Online | UP Bhu Naksha 2022 Check Online | Uttar Pradesh Bhu Naksha Online Map | Uttar Pradesh Bhulekh Map 2022

Today you through our article land map of uttar pradesh You will get all the information related to (UP Bhu Naksha) online. As part of this online facility launched by the State Government of Uttar Pradesh, all citizens of the state can now easily view and download the complete map of their territory also known as Territory Map through internet sitting at home online.

To see your land map online and know the complete information of Uttar Pradesh land map in detail, you must read this article carefully till the end.

Uttar Pradesh land map

If you want to see your land map online, here today we will share the process of getting Uttar Pradesh online map. Through which you can easily view and download bhulekh naksha (map).

As you all must know that almost all the processes in the country are done online. As part of this digitization, the process of bringing your land details in Uttar Pradesh online has been simplified. For this facility, you can avail UP Bhu Naksha 2022 online service by visiting UP Bhulekh portal. All reports related to the map of your land or farm will be received online. To use this report or land register or jamabandi in government work, you can click here uttar pradesh land map online Can also download.

How to see farm or land map of Uttar Pradesh online. UP Bhu Naksha Map

  • If you want to download UP land map then you need to download Uttar Pradesh first territory cartographic portal continue to.
  • Here the page will open in front of you. As shown below.
    Bhu Naksha Indian Cadastral Mapping Solution 1 Start Up Success
  • On this page you must first select your district tehsil and village
  • Now a map of the area you selected will appear in front of you.
    Bhu Naksha Indian Cadastral Mapping Solution 2 Start Up Success
  • In this map you will find your Khasra farm/plot number will have to select.
  • By clicking on your measles number, you will see the information related to the measles number on the right side of the card.
    Bhu Naksha Indian Cadastral Mapping Solution 3 Start Up Success
  • After that, you need to click on the “Map Report” link given at the end of the information received.
  • By clicking here, online Shajra Map will open in front of you.
    UP Bhu Naksha उत्तर प्रदेश भू नक्शा ऑनलाइन मैप रिपोर्ट शजरा देखें प्लाट खेत का नक्शा upbhunaksha gov in Start Up Success
  • From there you can also download this map report. For this, you need to click on the option “Show PDF report”.
  • After that, the PDF file will open in front of you. From where you can download and print like that.

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UP Bhu Naksha What are the types of earth and their colors?

You must have seen that you see different colors on the Uttar Pradesh land map. These colors are given to indicate the information and specialty of your land. Of which we give you the complete information through the list below.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Why was Bhu Naksha digitized?
    The government has decided to implement the National Land Registry Modernization Program (NLRMP). This was done by strengthening the Land Registries (CLR) and Revenue Administration and updating the Land Registries (SRA and ULR) within the Department of Land Resources (DoLR) of the Ministry of Rural Development. To reduce, ensure and increase transparency while helping citizens with decisive land titles.
  • Who developed the Bhu naksha software?
    Bhu Naksha is developed by the National Computing Center. It is a cadastral mapping software.
  • Can maps be printed on Bhu Naksha?
    Yes, plot and village maps can be viewed, downloaded and printed at any scale.
  • What does it take to get plot information?
    If you want to get the parcel information, you must have the account number and Khasra number.
  • What information can we get on the UP Bhu Naksha portal?
    Under Uttar Pradesh Bhu Naksha portal you can see the map of your land or someone else’s land, apart from this you can also get information about land type, Shajra etc.

Here we have given you all the information related to Uttar Pradesh Bhu Naksha portal in detail. If you want to ask any questions about this, you can ask us via the comments below. We will certainly answer you. Stay tuned to our website for the first detailed information of Bhulekh and land map of all other states. Thank you-

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