Uttar Pradesh Khet Talab Yojana 2022: Online Application Form, Grant Amount, Eligibility

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You all must know that the government of Uttar Pradesh has always made efforts for the benefit of the farmers in its state. Yogi Adityanath, the chief minister of the state of Uttar Pradesh, has recently launched a new program. scheme name “Farm Pond Diagram” Kept. This scheme is for all farmers in the state. Under this program, each farmer who maintains ponds around their fields will receive a subsidy from the state government.

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The purpose of starting the UP government program is to increase the amount of irrigation in farmers’ agriculture by collecting rainwater, this will benefit farmers on both sides. If you also want to benefit from the benefits of the scheme, we will tell you in the article below Khet Talab Yojana We are going to provide the related information, so that all of you can benefit from the scheme.

Uttar Pradesh Khet Pond Project 2022

As we told you in the article above Uttar Pradesh Khet Talab Yojana It was started for the farmer brothers of K. Through this program, every farmer who collects more rainwater in front of his field, if the farmers build ponds there, then the farmers will get Khet Talab Yojana Subsidy of up to 50% will be provided under the The main purpose of making this pond is that the water which ruins the crops during continuous rain for two to four days during the rainy season, will be collected by making a pond, so that the crops of the farmers will be safe and the farmers will be supplied with the collected water. There will be no need to use tube wells for irrigation.

Highlights of Uttar Pradesh Khet Talab Yojana

Item farm pond plan
state Uttar Pradesh
initiated by the chief minister
Beneficiary all farmers in the state
Objective Provide water for irrigation in fields
profit Subsidy up to 50%
application procedure In line
official site Click here

The online registration process will be done in the scheme from May 18

Whoever Interested Beneficiary Farmer of Uttar Pradesh State Launched by State Government Khet Talab Yojana 2022 If you wish to avail it by applying for the program, you must first apply by visiting the official program website upagripardarshi.gov.in farm pond plan In the article below, you will get information about the application process and when the benefits of the program will reach the farmers.

Goal by Uttar Pradesh Khet Talab Yojana

the state government UP Khet Talab Yojana Run for the benefit of farmers. The purpose of starting the program is that farmers who have motorized facilities for irrigation that run on electricity and the installation of light is not accessible there, in this case, to provide water for irrigation to farmers. So that farmers don’t have to face any kind of problem in agriculture irrigation. This Uttar Pradesh Khet Talab Yojana 2022 Thanks to this, farmers will be able to collect water from rain and other places in ponds and properly irrigate their crops.

Previously, farmers who could not create ponds in their agriculture due to economic problems in the state, can now all apply under this program to create ponds in their fields. farm pond plan The central government has set a budget of Rs 50,000 crore in 5 years.

Pond information available at Khet Talab Yojana

Uttar Pradesh Khet Talab Yojana In Baghpat district of the state, where 126 farmers have been given a target to create ponds in their fields, so that the farmers can install the ponds in their fields as soon as possible and they can enjoy them. Now, there will be no shortage of water to irrigate all farmers in the north thanks to the program run by Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath. All farmers in the state of UP can get help from the state government by creating ponds in their fields. We have given you the information about the list of ponds available under the scheme in the article below.

basin size

  • Plastic liner book – Size 20 × 20 × 3 meters (cloth area 635 square meters)
  • Plastic liner book – Size – 32 × 32 × 3 meters (cloth area 1426 square meters)
  • Plastic liner book – Size – 45 × 45 × 3 meters (cloth area 2642 square meters)

Plan target and scope

  • Phase I – Construction of 2000 ponds in all development blocks of 7 districts of Bundelkhand at an expenditure of Rs.12.20 crore.
  • Second Phase – Construction of 3384 ponds at an expenditure of Rs 27.88 crore in 167 over-exploited and critical development blocks in 44 districts of the state including Bundelkhand region.

Uttar Pradesh Khet Talab Yojana Grant Amount 2022

We give you information about the amount of the subsidy granted to the farmer for filling out the Karsak form. 50 percent of the cost for all classes of farmers in the state or a maximum amount of Rs.52,500 – on farm gross pound and Rs.75,000 – for 300 micron BIS with plastic coating works. Rajnish Gupta, Principal Secretary of the Uttar Pradesh Department of Agriculture, said “The Khet-Talab program has helped a lot in saving Bundelkhand from drought. Also this year, more and more farmers in the state will also benefit from this scheme. According to the latest state figures, ponds have been made in the fields of over 3300 farmers in Chitrakoot, Hamirpur, Jalaun, Jhansi, Lalitpur of Bundelkhand.

Benefits of the Farm Pond System

  • The benefit of this program will be extended to all farmers in Uttar Pradesh.
  • Under the Khet Talab Yojana, a 50% subsidy will be given to farmers by the state government on the cost of constructing the ponds.
  • If you Uttar Pradesh Khet Talab Yojana If you want to take advantage of this program, you must apply online at the official website of Khet Talab Yojana.
  • With the introduction of Khet Talab Yojana, all the farmers who were previously unable to build a pond due to water problem, can now easily take advantage of the system and build a pond in their fields.
  • Uttar Pradesh Khet Talab Yojana This will also help to raise the level of groundwater.

UP Khet Talab Yojana 2022 Eligibility Criteria

Required Documents for Khet Talab Program

If you Khet Talab Yojana 2022 If you want to apply, you must have all the necessary documents mentioned below.

farmer aadhar card residence certificate
caste certificate Cell number
voter identification card passport photo
land papers passbook

Khet Talab Yojana Online Application Process

All farmers in the state who want to apply online for Khet Talab Yojana should all follow the simple steps given below.

  • To apply online, you must first go to the Department of Agriculture of Uttar Pradesh. official site continue to.
  • After visiting the official site, the home page of the site will open in front of you. As shown below.sdf7877 768x359 jpg 768×359 Start Up Success
  • On the home page of the site, you need to click on the option to withdraw token for subsidy on the machine/farm pond, after which a new page will open in front of you.
  • Now on this page Khet Talab Yojana Click on the token option.
  • After clicking, another page will open in front of you.
  • In this page, you must fill in the name of your district, your registration number. After entering the given information, you have to go and click on the Go button.
  • then in front of you Uttar Pradesh Khet Talab Yojana The application form will be opened.
  • In this application form, you must fill in some of the requested information.
  • After entering all the details, you need to upload all your required documents. And after that click on submit button.
  • According to the information provided, you can apply for Khet Talab Yojana.

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