Uttar Pradesh Goat Farming Scheme 2022: UP Got Farming Loan Scheme


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friends today we Uttar Pradesh Goat Breeding Program will tell. This program was initiated by the government of Uttar Pradesh. The government of Uttar Pradesh is launching a new program for each section of the state. Promote goat farming in the state to provide jobs for unemployed people in the state. UP Bakri Palan Yojana 2021 has begun. The government has made a provision to give a grant under the scheme to people in the state to raise goats. With the help of this article, we will give you information about what is Uttar Pradesh Goat Breeding Scheme, its purpose, required documents and application process etc. Therefore, you are requested to read our article carefully till the end and initiated by the government. UP Bakri Palan Yojana 2022 take advantage of

Uttar Pradesh Bakri Palan Yojana 2022

Uttar Pradesh government to double income of farmers in the state goat breeding program has begun. Under this program, people who wish to raise goats will receive a government subsidy. Goat Farming Scheme is one such scheme, which anyone can take advantage of whether they are illiterate or educated. the government double the income of farmers Promote animal husbandry.UP Bakri Palan Yojana 2022 Under this, the government of Uttar Pradesh provides loans to farmers on easy installments. On which the grant is also awarded to the beneficiary. To avail this scheme, you must first apply online by visiting Goat Farming Loan Uttar Pradesh official website. Only then can you benefit from this diet.

UP Bakri Palan Yojana 2021

Overview of Bakri Palan Yojana Uttar Pradesh

scheme name Uttar Pradesh goat breeding program
tray of state government system
state Uttar Pradesh
Beneficiary Farmers in the state of Uttar Pradesh
Objective double the income of farmers

Purpose of the 2022 Goat Loan Subsidy Program

UP Bakri Palan Yojana 2022 The government of Uttar Pradesh started the scheme to subsidize farmers in the state. Under this scheme, farmers’ income can be doubled. The main objective of this program is to promote goat farming in Uttar Pradesh. Anyone who is unemployed or illiterate in Uttar Pradesh. So Uttar Pradesh Goat Breeding Program You can get a loan under Beneficiaries can open a goat barn for a loan and can get a loan from the government. Whoever opens a goat barn will receive a lot of money. Government of Uttar Pradesh to help farmers in rural areas to promote employment in rural areas of the state. Goat farming and sheep farming program in Uttar Pradesh is promoted. The government launches many types of programs related to this program for the people of the state.

National Livestock Mission (National Breeding Mission)

Tell everyone that the Indian government is working to promote livestock farming in the country. National Livestock Mission has begun. As part of this mission in the country breeding It is promoted very quickly and subsidies are also given to farmers in the country under the scheme. There are many types of breeding programs under the National Livestock Mission. the government has everyone breeding regime The subsidy amount for the same has also been kept separately. Loans are granted to all programs run under the National Livestock Mission with the assistance of the central government and the state government. The grant amount was kept separately in each state for the scheme run by the central government and the state government.

Uttar Pradesh Goat Breeding Scheme 2022 benefits of (Uttar Pradesh Bakri Palan Yojana 2022)

There are many types of benefits available under this scheme initiated by the state government. His information is given below.

  • The benefit of the goat breeding program will be given by the government to the backward classes in the rural areas.
  • Under this program, 10 goats and one goat or 10 sheep and 1 sheep will be provided by the government to the beneficiary.
  • Under this program, 90% of the cost will be borne by the government and farmers will only have to pay 10%.
  • That is to say up to 90% subsidy to beneficiary farmers by the government. Loan grant for goat farming in Uttar Pradesh will be given under
  • Bakri Palan Yojana Uttar Pradesh The total cost under this program is around Rs 66,000.
  • Of this amount, the beneficiary farmer will only have to pay Rs 6,600 to the government.

Eligibility for UP Bakri Palan Yojana

Required documents (Uttar Pradesh Goat Breeding Scheme)

  • It is very important that the beneficiary has an Aadhar card.
  • The applicant must have a passport size photo.
  • The beneficiary must have the commodity number.
  • It is very important for the applicant to have a bank account passbook.
  • Candidates must have a residence certificate.

Online Application Process For Uttar Pradesh Goat Breeding Scheme 2022

To avail the goat breeding scheme initiated by the state government, you must first apply under this scheme. For this application, you must first write an application. After that, you need to submit this request to the block veterinarian. As soon as your application file reaches the veterinary officer, after verification of this application file, you will be selected. After that, the application form will be sent to the district livestock mission committee at the district level. After that, the final selection will be made by the District Breeding Mission Committee at the district level.


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