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The Gate Academy

Let us know everything about Gate Academy that you should know about it before you decide to join

THE GATE ACADEMY (also called”GATE ACADEMY” among students) is a premier GATE training institute together with 50+ centers across the nation. They are among the very first education institutes in India which leverages technology broadly to give superior GATE training to our pupils.

They give detailed and rigorous training for the GATE examinations. The thought for THE GATE ACADEMY took arrival with the goal of assisting budding engineers to detect, surpass, and reach their intellectual capacity. For the very first time in India, GATE training has been supplied under the advice of previous GATE toppers, in order to assist young engineering abilities to realize their aspirations.

Over the last several decades, the group was working on creating the program curriculum and instruction methodology for the GATE examination. It has also taken concrete shape in the progression of preparatory applications for entry and ability tests for assorted Public/Government Sector jobs. The design, delivery, and development of all the programs supplied by THE GATE ACADEMY include the very best teaching practices pertinent to the evaluations.

THE GATE ACADEMY can also be impaneled using NPIU (National Project Implementation Unit) to give GATE training beneath TEQIP-III, employed as a World Bank aided project to enhance the standard of technical instruction in the nation.

The gate academy login

The student may log in from the below link

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What is Gate academy Plus?

Well, they have a youtube channel where you can learn a lot of things, You can watch the gate academy video lectures by below link

Gate academy Youtube

Also If you want to buy gate academy books, then you can buy online from Amazon

The Gate Academy established in all major city

The Gate Academy established in all major city in India like Hydrabad, Chennai, Banglore, Delhi, Kolkata, Pune, coimbtore, Mumbai, Bhopal, Ahmedabad, Bhilai etc..

The Gate Academy
Gate Academy Test Series

GATE Test Series – 

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GATE Test Series – mockGATE

Schedule for 12 All India Online Mock GATE Academy Test Series

AIMTS-1 6.9.2020 15.2.2021
AIMTS-2 20.9.2020 15.2.2021
AIMTS-3 4.10.2020 15.2.2021
AIMTS-4 18.10.2020 15.2.2021
AIMTS-5 1.11.2020 15.2.2021
AIMTS-6 15..11.2020 15.2.2021
AIMTS-7 29..11.2020 15.2.2021
AIMTS-8 6.12.2020 15.2.2021
AIMTS-9 20.12.2020 15.2.2021
AIMTS-10 27.12.2020 15.2.2021
AIMTS-11 3.1.2021 15.2.2021
AIMTS-12 10.1.2021 15.2.2021