SSA Gujarat Universalization of Elementary Education (UEE) has been implemented as India’s main program. Its overall goals include:

  • Universal access and retention.
  • Bridging gender and social category gaps in education.
  • Raising children’s learning levels.

SSA Gujarat Facilitates educational resource support for opening new schools and alternative schooling facilities, construction of school and drinking water, provision for Gujarat teachers, periodic teacher training, and learning achievements. These provisions need to be aligned with the legally mandated norms and the standard and free entitlement required by the RTE Act.

Education for all campaign The country’s flagship program towards universalization of elementary education. Gujarat Council of Elementary Education It plays a vital role in implementing various schemes like SSA, NPEGEL, and KGBV in the state Education for all campaign has made a clear impact on the elementary education landscape in Gujarat. Along with increasing the awareness about the importance of education among the public in the state. The schools in Gujarat have registered a steady growth over the years. In enrollment and retention of children, it is even more heartening to see that there has been a steady increase in the number of children completing elementary education.

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Concrete steps have been taken to develop new textbooks, curriculum review, and orientation of teachers towards new pedagogy, which can be broadly defined as child-centered, activity-based, and enjoyable teaching/learning. Education for all campaign Focuses on enabling teachers to play a vital role in improving the teaching-learning process and quality of classrooms. Efforts are made to enhance the teacher’s competencies, knowledge, and skills in various subject areas and pedagogical practices.

Education for all campaign: Focuses on the quality of education and learning achievements to improve teacher performance. There is a need to enable teacher support systems – this includes personnel and institutions such as CRC, BRC, and Diet To perform even better. ADEPTS, a collaborative project of the human resource development ministry and UNICEF, was envisioned with a mindset. ADEPTS will enable teachers to play a vital role in the teaching-learning process and improve classrooms’ quality. Efforts are made to enhance the teacher’s competencies, knowledge, and skills in various subject areas and pedagogical practices.


Education is the most critical input to empower people with knowledge and essential life skills. Quality of education leads to quality of life. Elementary education and upper primary education have the foundation of the pyramid in the system. The role of education in facilitating social and economic progress is well known. 

It opens up opportunities for both individual and group rights. Improving education is expected to increase not only efficiency but also enhance the overall quality of life.

SSA Gujarat is working in this direction to promote the education of girls. The main objective of SSA Gujarat Only girls is not enough. Educating girls means empowering them so that they can live their lives with dignity, human outlook, self-respect, and confidence. For this, various innovative activities have been conducted by Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan to empower the girl child through education.

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Gujarat is reputed to have a progressive education policy regarding gender focus. SSA GUJARAT Gujarat has accepted a holistic approach to enhance gender education. Yet girl child education is no minor component; it is heavily influenced by social, political, religious, and economic issues. Therefore, it is not easy to meet the set goals of gender education within the time frame. Some problems and issues are still playing an adverse role in achieving the universalization of primary education.

Meena Abhiyan activities were carried out in 19884 schools to reduce the dropout rate of girls. Meena cabinet (for standard 1-4) and Meena Manch (for normal 5–8) were organized in this activity. Typically this activity includes organizing self-defense training, library and reading room, peer group learning, project work, and film campaigns. As far as the impact of Meena Abhiyan is concerned, it is observed that there is very lively participation of girls from all walks of life and sections. These girls are also raising issues of social importance. Meena Abhiyan provides a platform to girls for active participation, which helps retain them in schools as well. The community is a part of this campaign.

Number of girls covered number of teachers trained Number of community members participating in Meena Abhiyan Number of women members participating in Meena Abhiyan
13.87 lakh 19887 78934 68179
Meena Abhiyan

Center for Early Child Care Education (ECCE) | Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan Gujarat

To provide linkage between primary and pre-primary education, ECCE centers are opened by GCEE in settlements not served by ICDS. During the year, 2984 ECCE centers were operated by the Gujarat Council of Elementary Education, in which 65268 children were enrolled.

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serial number. Name of district No. of ECCE Centers NPEGEL SSA Number of children under NPEGEL guilders boys Number of girls under Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan boys
1 Ahmedabad 36 212 370 383 2763 2395
2 Amreli 44 113 529 623 1365 1592
3 happiness 145 1681 1701
4 banaskantha 106 44 108 1087 462 455
5 bharuch 86 1047 1039
6 Bhavnagar 81 100 825 860 1029 1049
7 Dahod Zero Zero Zero Zero Zero Zero
8 Dang 97 1260 1286
9 Gandhinagar 5 81 84 70 977 942
10 jamnagar 10 53 132 93 607 583
1 1 Junagadh 56 132 544 577 1299 1404
12 Kheda 1 1 112 118 124 1270 1376
13 Kutchh 34 38 356 433 388 488
14 Mehsana 31 113 308 261 1375 1234
15 Narmada 5 42 41
16 Navsari 5 94 51 61 963 990
17 Panchmahali 148 168 1417 1529 1452 1674
18 Patna 24 33 135 242 296 302
19 Porbandari 132 1297 1378
20 Rajkot 42 76 395 453 775 1006
21 sabarkantha 17 121 198 193 1366 1425
22 Letter 5 1 1 54 36 105 104
23 surendranagar 51 30 578 497 314 303
24 Vadodara 54 195 496 455 2130 2022
25 valsadi 33 280 281
complete 760 2224 7678 7977 24543 25070

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SSA Online Attendance Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan Gujarat Online Attendance Application

SSA Gujarat is stringent on the recruitment of professional teachers to educate the children. Online attendance is one of the best tools for teachers to monitor and benefit from it. Now Gujarat state has a good attendance online system while you can check online attendance SSA Portal Report Who is coming on time and who is violating the rule through this attendance system.

Services available on SSA Gujarat Portal

  • You can see the attendance of the students
  • You can see the attendance of teachers
  • Prepare teacher reports
  • and prepare student reports

How to use Online Attendance System Hazari Portal Online Website

Go to
  • After visiting the link you will see a login page where you have to add login id and password for online hazari.
Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan Gujarat Login Portal

If you are facing any problem please contact on this number – 1800 233 1026

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