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Information About Simpledesk

Company Name Simpledesk
Category Software As A Service Platform(Saas)
Company Description As real estate on our phone screens becomes more scarce, the idea of downloading proprietary apps and migrating users to new services seems excessive. And although mobile browsing is a good option, many websites or services work shoddily with phones an…
Country United States
Company Size 1
Company Phone +1 510-270-4147

Financial Information of Simpledesk

Customer Database
Revenue $56.9K
Year-over-Year Growth
Founded Year
Social Media Presence
Linkedin Page
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Simpledesk’s Founder Information
Founder Name Matthew Berman
First Name Matthew
Last Name Berman
Founder Email
Technology Using Mailchimp; New Relic; Google Adwords; Mixpanel;; Facebook Connect; Sendgrid; Facebook Advertiser; Amazon S3; Amplitude; Ruby On Rails; Segment; Stripe; Recaptcha; Heroku; Google Analytics; Intercom; Google Apps; Heap; DoubleClick Ads
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