SAS Gujarat in Portal: Teacher and School login

We will discuss the SAS Gujarat portal issued by the Government’s Education Department.

This portal is a big step toward the success of the primary school program. The portal has allowed people from all over India.

The program started in 2003 and was extended to other states, including Maharashtra, and later expanded to West Bengal and other conditions. In 2004, the National Commission for Education launched a pilot project to test this new approach.

SAS Gujrat portal allows parents to easily register their children for school and send them directly from home with their permission. There is no need for any paperwork or additional forms.

A parent needs to fill in two simple forms: one form for each child (one form for the boy and one form for the girl). They are then forwarded to the school directly by email, with just a few clicks of your mouse!

The enrollment period lasts only three months, so you have time during your holidays when your child will be attending school. The School Portal also provides an online application form that parents should fill in before sending their children’s data on this education journey.

Once enrolled, they can start getting their child’s data back anytime during these three months – without waiting until next year!

Parents can also track their child’s progress using this portal’s detailed reporting section provided by SASI. This information is available up until three years after starting primary school.

What is SAS Gujarat in Portal?

We are talking about is SAS Gujarat portal in which the teacher of Gujarat’s primary school will be able to do the paperwork and make it very fast.

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How does SAS Gujarat work?

The Gujarat Government introduced this portal on 5 September 2019. Now teachers get the information about students, leave reports, replacement, monthly sheet A, BC, and salary all online They will be able to do this through the sasgujrat portal.

How to work in the SAS portal?


This portal is entirely for elementary schools. That means you should be a teacher in a primary school; then you will be required, then know how to work in it.

SAS Login
COS Login
COS Helpline
DPE Official

First of all, you have to go to the Official website of this portal,

After selecting the district, you will see a screen where you must first do people in SAS Gujarat Log. Now that you have not yet logged in a single time, you have to log in to your school’s dashboard, pass the user name and password, and log in and log in.

Logging will open a page where the midwife will be named after your school. You can change your password on that page.

What information can you put?

As soon as you log in to your school, you will see the dashboard of your school where you are in the village where you will see the number of people’s total number of people, which will be zero, and they all have to update the system alert on the dashboard. All you have to do or update will have to be written.

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You will be asked to update the information given below on the system alert.

  • Password change
  • School Profile
  • Teacher profile
  • Teacher Seniority Order
  • Monthly sheet step-1
  • Monthly Sheet Step-2
  • Raza sheet
  • Pair sheet
  • Self-sheet (FORM-16)
  • Student evaluation sheet etc.

To get more information about this, we have provided some links below, which you will quickly understand.