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Company Name SafeBreach
Category Security Software
Company Description SafeBreach is a pioneer in the emerging category of continuous security validation. The company’s groundbreaking platform provides a ‘hacker’s view’ of an enterprise’s security posture to proactively predict attacks, validate security controls and improve SOC analyst response. SafeBreach automatically executes breach methods with an extensive and growing Hacker’s Playbook of research and real-world investigative data. The company is funded by Sequoia Capital, Deutsche Telekom Capital, Hewlett Packard Pathfinder and investor Shlomo Kramer.
Country United States
Company Size 94
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Financial Information of SafeBreach

Customer Database 0
Revenue $7M
Year-over-Year Growth
Funding $53M
Founded Year 2014
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SafeBreach’s Founder Information
Founder Name Guy Bejerano
First Name Guy
Last Name Bejerano
Founder Email [email protected]
Technology Using Amazon Simple Email Service; Route 53; Unbounce; Cloudinary; Salesforce; App Nexus; Google Tag Manager; Zendesk; Marketo; Google Apps; Google Analytics; Amazon Cloudfront; MaxCDN; Cloud Flare