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Revenuewell Online Scheduling: Whether you’re looking for an online appointment booking system or want to sync with your practice management system, RevenueWell can help. Here are three features to look for and why you should consider them for your practice. Integrated with Eaglesoft PMS

RevenueWell Integrates with Eaglesoft PMS

Integrating with Eaglesoft PMS software is a great way to improve the efficiency of your dental practice. Eaglesoft’s PMS software is a locally hosted solution that offers numerous features that help dental procedures run smoothly. 

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While Eaglesoft’s PMS is highly flexible, the integration with Eaglesoft is not without drawbacks. The first is that it doesn’t integrate natively with Active Directory. Instead, Patterson decided to use a standalone authentication mechanism. 

This approach makes it much easier to move from one room to another. It also has limited integration with Active Directory, which meant the company had to use an external application.

It doesn’t sync with other practice management systems.

Syncing is vital for a doctor’s office. Unfortunately, several practice management systems do not have the functionality to integrate with your email inbox. 

The best practice management software connects with your inbox in real-time to make managing your paralegals’ inboxes easier. You may have to spend hours copying emails manually, and chasing down signatures is a tedious process.

Intuit Practice Management synchronizes with QuickBooks Time, which lets you enter and track time on your clients. It will also create a new entry in QuickBooks Time if you use QuickBooks Time with Intuit Practice Management. It might take a few minutes for your changes to show up in your practice management system, so be patient. You can push the latest updates from QuickBooks Time by clicking the “Sync” button.

Limitations of RevenueWell’s integrations

While RevenueWell is an excellent automated patient communication system, it is limited in its integrations with practice management systems. 

RevenueWell currently only works with Eaglesoft, Dentrix, and Open Dental. This is unfortunate because RevenueWell can help you automate many aspects of your practice. This integration will make your life easier and your patients’ lives more enjoyable. 

Although it’s not as comprehensive as other systems, it is still more effective than most.

Integrations with other software programs are essential, but RevenueWell does have some limitations. 

While it is HIPAA compliant and uses data from your practice management system, other systems may share your patients’ information. Even simple data such as first and last names may be exposed, violating privacy laws. 

As a result, Integrations with other systems can be helpful if you aren’t working with a single vendor.

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