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Company Name Retechnica
Category Analytics Software
Company Description Retechnica is the company behind Ingenia. We help companies that have large amount of content to make the most of it, either by enabling them to develop new services or know the content they have. Ingenia is a powerful enabler. In essence, we provide information on text assets. And we provide quantified text information, turning text in numbers. Ingenia is an ontology free, language agnostic auto-categorisation and recommendation engine, handling large unstructured and semi-structured content. Ingenia is an API used by companies that have large amount of content that need to be enriched and dynamically managed with bespoke meta-data. Innovative services enabled are in the area of taxonomy creation and optimisation, insights extraction, recommendation, navigation.
Country United Kingdom
Company Size 1
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Customer Database 0
Revenue $51.2K
Year-over-Year Growth
Founded Year 2012
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Founder Name Herve Humbert
First Name Herve
Last Name Humbert
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Technology Using Route 53; Nginx; Mailjet; Google Apps