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The government of Uttar Pradesh continues to bring various types of schemes for the benefit of the citizens of its state. one of these planes UP Kaushal Satrang Yojana Is. Recently, unemployed people in the state will be offered employment under this scheme by the government of Uttar Pradesh. So that their financial problems can be solved.

Let us tell you that this program was started by the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Shri Yogi Adityanath. There are many such citizens in the state who have no means of work and they keep wandering here and there looking for a job. However, they do not obtain the means of employment, which obliges them to face the economic crisis. Keeping in mind all these problems of the citizens of the state, the government of Uttar Pradesh has started this scheme for the unemployed youths of the state. The government of Uttar Pradesh has divided this program into 7 components.

UP Kaushal Satrang Yojana 2021

Citizens of the State who wish to benefit from this scheme Kaushal Satrangi Yojana All important information about it will be provided in this article. We therefore invite you to read our article carefully.

UP Kaushal Satrang Yojana 2022

This scheme was put in place to eliminate unemployment in the state as a whole. As part of this program, a job fair will be organized by the government of Uttar Pradesh. Young people of all categories can participate in this job fair. UP Kaushal Satrang Yojana 2022 Under this, 2.37 lakh unemployed will be included for employment by the state government. Along with this, a mega job fair will be organized through the district employment office. Citizens of any section of villages and towns can participate in this fair.

by the state government UP Kaushal Satrang Yojana 2022 A budget of Rs. 1200 crore has been released for this. In which 30,000 starter units will also be set up. By which unemployed youths will be given jobs on the basis of their merit.

Goal of UP Kaushal Satrang Yojana 2022

This is published by the Government of Uttar Pradesh. Satrang Yojana The main objective of the program is to eliminate the unemployment of the new young people and the girls of the State. Just as the population is increasing in the state, unemployment is also increasing in the state. Due to which young people cannot find employment. The state government continues to offer various programs to provide employment to the educated citizens of the state.

Launched by Government of Uttar Pradesh Kaushal Satrang Project 2022 Because of this, the youths and girls of the state will not have to go out of state. That is, they will have job opportunities in their own villages and towns. The main objective of Kaushal Satrang Yojana is to provide professional and vocational training to young people. Young people will be trained in the training school for vocational training. At the same time, vocational training centers will also be opened at the district level. Help young people become independent. So they don’t have to travel to another state to work.

UP Kaushal Satrang Yojana 2022 Entry Highlights

Project UP Kaushal Satrang Yojana
state Uttar Pradesh
program launched By Chief Minister Yogi Aditya Nath
Beneficiary Unemployed young people in the state of Uttar Pradesh
Objective give work to young people
Application process not yet available

Benefits of UP Kaushal Satrang Yojana

  • Under this program, we will have the opportunity to work in our own state here in our own village/town.
  • All categories of citizens can take advantage of this government-run program.
  • This program will be made accessible to the population through a job fair so that more and more people can take part in it and that more and more young people benefit from it.
  • Under this program initiated by the state government, all educated unemployed youth in the state will be included.
  • Kaushal Satrang Uttar Pradesh 2022 Within this framework, vocational training as well as employment opportunities will be provided to the young people of the State.
  • Thanks to this program, the young people of the State must be trained and find a job.
  • UP Kaushal Satrang Yojana 2022 There are many diets within this framework.

7 diets under Kaushal Satrang Yojana

  1. CM Yuva Hub Program
  2. Chief Minister’s Apprenticeship Promotion Program
  3. District Skills Development Program
  4. Kaushal Pakhwada project at Tehsil level
  5. Offer employment through training
  6. Recognition of prior learning (RPL)
  7. AMOU was made with three placement agencies

Important Documents for UP Kaushal Satrang Yojana

Young people in the state who want to get benefits by applying under this scheme. So they need some documents before applying which are mentioned below.

  • Aadhar card or Aadhar registration number
  • bank account passbook
  • Cell number
  • certificate of permanent residence
  • 10th and 12th score sheet
  • passport size photo

Eligibility related to UP Kaushal Satrang Yojana

  • It is mandatory for the person applying under this program to be a permanent resident of Uttar Pradesh.
  • The person must belong to the category of unemployed, that is to say, he has no other job.
  • It is mandatory for the applicant to have all the important documents related to this scheme.
  • The applicant must have their own bank account.

UP Kaushal Satrang Yojana Online Application

Issued by Government of Uttar Pradesh UP Kaushal Satrang Yojana If you want to apply, you have to wait a while. Because the state government has announced this scheme at the moment. as soon as the government UP Kaushal Satrang Yojana 2022 will be launched then we will inform you through our article. And will also give complete information about the online application form process.


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