Punjab Apni Gaadi Apna Rozgar 2022: Online Application, Registration Process


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Punjab Apni Gaadi Apna Rozgar Yojana is an initiative of the Punjab government for the unemployed in the state. Under which, the government will provide a subsidy for the purchase of a 3 or 4 wheel vehicle. Apni Gaddi Apna Rozgar Yojana The main objective of the government behind this is to generate self-employment opportunities for unemployed youths. The Department of Job Creation and Training, Government of India has already entered into an agreement with a taxi provider like OLA/UBER. Under this program, a 15% subsidy will be given by the government to unemployed young people in Punjab for the purchase of 3 or 4 wheels. Drivers will be arranged by the driving partner at their own expense. The state government has approved a budget of Rs 5 crore for this scheme.

Apni Gaddi Apna Rozgar Yojana 2020

by Punjab State Government Apni Gaddi Apna Rozgar Yojana 2022 terms and conditions have been worked out. The model is being explored in states such as Maharashtra, Karnataka and West Bengal, where subsidies are provided for the purchase of vehicles for the self-employed. Punjab Apni Gaddi Apna Rojgar The new version of the program was launched because eligible beneficiaries were having difficulty obtaining margin money and obtaining the vehicle from banks. Here we will tell you all the details related to this diet in detail. So read our article carefully till the end.

Apni Gaddi Apna Rozgar Program 2022

As we told you above, all unemployed people will receive a subsidy for the purchase of 3/4 wheel vehicles for self-employment under Apni Gaadi Apna Rozgar Yojana 2022. The Ministry of Finance has accepted the ministry’s proposal. as a pilot Apni Gaddi Apna Rozgar Yojana will be executed After that, the online application or application form process will be started for that.

scheme name Apna Gaadi Apna Rozgar Yojana
state Punjab
started for the unemployed
Department name Job Creation and Training Department
profit subsidy for the purchase of a vehicle

Punjab Apni Gaadi Apna Rozgar 2022 Fund Allocation

A budget of Rs 5 crore has been presented for the implementation of the Punjab Government Apni Gaddi Apna Rojgar Yojana 2022. The funds will be transferred to the Punjab State Co-operative Bank to be used as margin money. The measures taken by the Punjab government will provide self-employment opportunities for people seeking employment in the transport sector. The program will be replicated in other parts of the state after evaluating the results of the pilot project.

Number of vehicles by district in Apni Gaddi Apna Rojgar Yojana

District name number of vehicles
Including Ropar Cluster, Mohali and Fatehgarh Sahib 400
Ludhiana 100
Patiala 50
Amritsar 50

Punjab Apni Gaddi Apna Rojgar Scheme Grants Benefits

Punjab State Government will provide 3/4 wheeler subsidy to unemployed youngsters in the following manner –

  • 4 wheels – 15% of the total “on-road” cost of the four wheelers or Rs 75,000 (whichever is less).
  • 3 wheels – 15% of the total “on-road” cost of the three-wheeled vehicle or 50,000 (whichever is less).
  • 15% of the total cost is borne by the unemployed candidate. The remaining amount will be financed by the Punjab State Co-operative Bank.
  • 30% of the total vehicle loan is reserved for Scheduled Caste (SC) applicants.

Apni Gaadi Apna Rozgar Yojana Eligibility Criteria

Applicants must follow the following eligibility criteria to obtain a grant under Apni Apni Rozgar Yojana 2022.

  • The age of the applicant must be between 21 and 45 years old.
  • The candidate must have a valid driver’s license for a 4 or 3 wheel commercial vehicle.
  • The applicant must be a resident of the district where the application is submitted.

Note => As per the agreement, the selected beneficiaries of Apni Gaadi Apna Rozgar Yojana 2022 will be required to pay an equivalent monthly installment (EMI) to the bank. If an applicant does not submit the EMI, the banks will act according to the rules to recover the balance.

Selection Criteria Apni Gaddi Apna Rozgar Yojana 2022

Candidates will be selected on the basis of merit, ie on the basis of the marks obtained out of a total of 100 points. The rating breakdown for Apni Gaddi Apna Rozgar Yojana is given below –

Qualification for Education
Education Brands
8th pass 20
10th pass 25
12th pass 30
Graduation 35
Driving experience
License holding period Brands
0 to 3 years old 20
More than 3 years to 6 years 25
More than 6 years to 9 years 30
More than 9 years 35
Maintenance 30

Note => The maximum marks in the School Qualification section are 35, the Driving Experience section is 35 and the interview is 30 which is the sum of 100.

Punjab Apni Gaadi Apna Rozgar 2022: Apply Online

From the perspective of unemployed Punjabi youths, Apna Rojgar Yojana / Apni Gaddi Apna Rozgar Yojana has become a very successful program as it will help unemployed youths to become self-reliant and earn their respect. Nothing has yet been clarified by the government regarding the application process. Grant applications will be accepted offline or online within the program. As soon as we get the necessary details on this, we will update our article. Keep checking for updates from time to time. For more details on this program, you can visit the link below.

Apni Gaddi Apna Rozgar Program

Here we have provided you with all the important information of “Punjab Apni Gaadi Apna Rozgar”. If you still have any questions regarding the program, write to us in the comment box below, we will definitely answer you. Stay tuned to our website www.yojanahindipm.in for detailed information on all other government programs. Thank you –


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