PM Wani Wi Fi Scheme Benefits & Registration Process


After Digital India Revolution, now WiFi Revolution is also being done by the government. Internet has become a very important necessity in today’s era. so government citizens of the country Will provide WiFi facility. for which the government PM Wani Wi Fi has been initiated. Through this article we are going to provide you all the important information related to this scheme. Like what is PM Wani Wi Fi Yojana?, its benefits, purpose, features, eligibility, important documents, application process etc. so guys if you PM-WANI Yojana If you want to get all the important information related to, then you are requested to read this article of ours till the end.

About PM Wani Wi Fi

Prime WiFi Access Network Initiative has been started by the Chief Minister of our country, Shri Narendra Modi. Through this scheme, the facility of Wi-Fi in all public places will be made available by the government. This facility will be free. PM-WANI Yojana Through this, there will be a large scale WiFi revolution in the country. Business will also get a boost through this scheme. Employment opportunities will also increase through PM Wani Wi Fi

PM Wani Wi Fi

PM Wani Wi Fi Yojana 5000 WiFi Hotspots Will Be Made in Delhi

in december 2020 PM-WANI Yojana was approved by the Government. Through this scheme connectivity options and digital access will be improved. Wi-Fi hotspots will be deployed on a large scale for improvement. These Wi-Fi networks will be provided across the country. There is no need to take any license or get any registration or payment of application fee to install these. in the capital Delhi PM-WANI Yojana Broadband services will be provided at 20 locations in Delhi by three MCDs under this scheme. For this, 20 from each ward by the councilor of the area. selection of people Will be done. This information is provided by the official of MCD. These 20 people will be small shopkeepers who will buy Wi-Fi router and install it.

Northern Corporation of Delhi ranks first in the implementation of the plan

PM Wani Wi Fi Yojana was started with the aim of providing internet facility across the country. Under this scheme, hotspots are being set up in three North, South and East Municipal Corporations of Delhi to provide internet at cheap rates for Wi-Fi facility. Through these hotspots, Internet access can be made available to the common citizens at a cheap rate. Delhi students will also be able to take online classes after internet connection is provided. Work is going on in full swing in all the three corporations. North Delhi Municipal Corporation is the first in the work under this scheme.

  • Work is being done to set up WiFi hotspots in 90 wards of 104 corporation wards in North Corporation of Delhi. Hotspots will be set up at more than 1800 places in these wards. For which the identification work has been started.
  • Internet service has also been started at all these 850 places. Now about 30000 to 40000 citizens of Delhi will be able to get cheap and accessible internet. Dakshin Nigam is second in the implementation of this scheme.
  • So far, work is going on at 1000 sites in 65 wards out of 104 wards in South Corporation. Out of these 1000 places, people are getting internet facility at 500 places. Work is also being done under this scheme in East Delhi Municipal Corporation.

PM Wali Scheme Expenditure (Delhi)

PM-WANI Yojana ₹4720 will be spent by the Municipal Corporation of Delhi in setting up a device under Rs. This expenditure also includes incentive amount for ₹ 1000 beneficiary. This incentive amount will be provided to them only when they will promote this scheme. Under this scheme, about 5000 routers will be installed in 272 wards of Delhi. Which will cost around ₹ 3000 per router. PM-WANI Yojana Through this, the children of low-income families will get internet connection. So that it will help them to study. Along with this, arrangements will also be made so that the information of all government schemes reaches the citizens. For which digital channels will be created. South MCD has about 104 words. In which there are total 2080 beneficiaries. About Rs 98 lakh will be spent under this scheme in South MCD.

Free PM Wani Wi Fi Scheme Implementation (PM-WANI Yojana)

Public Data Centers will be opened all over India for the successful implementation of the For which there will be no license fee or registration. Free Wi-Fi Vaani Plan Will prove to be a historic plan. The scheme has been approved by the Union Cabinet on 9th December 2020. Small shopkeepers will also get WiFi service through this scheme. So that their income will increase. Continuous internet connectivity will be ensured through this scheme.

Key Highlights Of PM Wani Wi Fi Scheme

scheme name PM Wani Wi Fi Scheme
who launched Indian government
beneficiary citizens of india
Objective Providing Wi-Fi facility in public places
Year 2022

PM Wani Wi Fi Scheme Registration

No license is required to open Public Data Office under PM Vani Scheme Yojana but PDOA and providers are required to be registered with DoT. The registration process should be completed within 7 days from the date of application. In today’s meeting, the cabinet has also approved the provision of submarine optical fiber cable connectivity between mainland and Lakshya Deep Group.

Purpose of Free PM Wani Wi Fi

Its main objective is to provide Wi-Fi facility at all public places. Through this scheme now every citizen of the whole country can be connected to the internet. So that they will get many facilities. It will also be easy to do business through this scheme. So that the income of the people will increase and the lifestyle will improve. PM-WANI Yojana It has been started by the government keeping in view the need of internet. Through this scheme every citizen of the country will be able to take advantage of internet facility. One of the objectives of this scheme is also to promote Digital India.

Prime minister Wani Wi Fi Public Data Office

Under this scheme public data offices will be set up to provide internet facility. The public WiFi network will be provided by the Public Data Office. These public data offices will be set up across the country. PM Wani Wi Fi Scheme Under this, the third party will develop a downloadable app that the user can download and register himself, after which he can connect to the nearest WiFi network.

Benefits and Features of PM-WANI Yojana

  • Through PM Wani Wi Fi Yojana, Wi-Fi facility will be made available at all public places of the country.
  • This scheme is also known as Prime Minister WiFi Access Network Initiative.
  • PM-WANI Yojana Under the Wi-Fi facility will be free.
  • Business will be promoted through this scheme, which will increase income and improve lifestyle.
  • Employment opportunities will increase through PM Wani Wi Fi Yojana.
  • Public data centers will be opened all over the country for the implementation of this scheme.
  • There will also be no application fee or registration for opening a public data center.
  • The scheme has been approved by the Union Cabinet on 9th December 2020.
  • PM Wani Wi Fi Scheme Continuous internet connectivity will be ensured through
  • It is mandatory for all the providers to be registered with the DoT to open a public data office.

Procedure to apply under PM Wani Wi Fi Yojana

if you PM-WANI Yojana If you want to apply under, then you have to wait for some time now. Right now only this scheme has been announced by the government. Early PM Free Wi-Fi Vaani Plan The procedure for applying will be explained under. as soon as the government. The process of applying under will be activated. We must tell you through this article of ours. Please stay connected with this article of ours.


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