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Every citizen of the country should know that thanks to the internet, nowadays everyone sitting at home can perform essential services like banking work or any kind of needs from the internet while sitting at home. today we are for you “PGI Chandigarh Online Appointment” Have provided related information. The facility of this PGI Chandigarh online appointment was initiated by the Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research. With the introduction of this service, citizens will no longer have to queue at hospitals. Because at present, if a person is a family member whose health is poor. When he is taken to the hospital, he must first stand in line for the slip to be made. It wastes a lot of people’s time.

But now you’re sitting at home PGI Chandigarh Online Appointment 20201 After registering, you will be assigned an appointment number. Regarding this number, you can directly meet the doctor at PGI Chandigarh Hospital. In the article below we will tell you how Chandigarh IGP online apply to.

PGI Chandigarh New OPD record

In this online PGI hospital, all of you can get your disease checked. You won’t have to queue at hospitals, you can apply for PGI Hospital even sitting at home. To get OPD registration online, you need to do it online by visiting PGI official website. And in this case, new and old diseases can also be treated. PGI Hospital Online You will need to book an appointment to see a doctor. PGI Chandigarh Hospital is the center for the states patients.

Main Purpose of PGI Chandigarh Online Appointment

By the way, you all must know that there are many people who, even after staying in hospitals for hours, have not seen the doctor, for all these people. PGI Chandigarh Online Appointment installation has been started. Thanks to which people do not have to face long queues and patients can make doctor’s appointments while sitting at home, so that everyone’s time is not wasted and that they can also obtain the treatment of the patient in their family. With this facility, you can get fixed date OPD treatment without any hassle.

PGIMER departments offering pre-registration facility

You can pre-register for PGI Chandigarh in the following departments.

Advanced Eye Centre, Ophthalmology dermatology
general surgery Head and neck surgery (ENT)
internal Medicine Obstetrics and Gynecology
Oral Health Sciences Center bone disease
otolaryngology hair therapy
pediatrician plastic surgery
pediatric surgery urology

Benefits of PGI Chandigarh Online Appointment


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