Everything You Need to Know About the Mini PC

mini pc

An instrument that many people are not aware of is the Mini PCs that are found in the computer market. A very useful element for different activities that you can develop and that now, in this article, we will learn more about.

Do you want to take your computer anywhere? If your answer is yes to this question, you should know these elements. These elements are usually very helpful when moving due to their interesting size as a laptop. In addition to that, the experience is different for those who manage to acquire these types of equipment in the market.

If you want to know more about a Mini PC, stay with us and discover more about these elements. Surely after knowing them more thoroughly, you will want to take one home to use when you need it most.

What do we mean when we talk about a Mini PC?

When we mention a Mini PC, we refer to smaller computing devices than we normally know. These elements can work with an operating system and do not need some external element to accompany them. Thanks to these characteristics, multiple developer companies have released their models of these elements.

These types of computers have a series of minimum components that make them work perfectly. Thanks to them, you do not need any other external factor, something similar to the work of a flash drive. By connecting them through a USB port, they can start doing their work, just like a normal computer.

Among the main components that make up these computers we can mention:

  • Different input and output ports
  • Storage like any other computer
  • a motherboard
  • CPUs
  • GPU
  • RAM
  • small drawer

What uses can be given to MINI PC?

Mini PCs are useful for storing information or creating backup copies of normal computers. If you have to format or tweak your laptop or desktop, this is a good option to use. In addition to that, they serve as a backup instrument if something bad happens to your normal computer.

After being smaller in size, it is clear that some elements are sacrificed in terms of their operation. However, some models can have 4-core processors, which low-end computers have.

So they can be considered as an intermediate between a Tablet and a low-end laptop or computer. In addition to this, these types of small computers can be very helpful for those who work with their computers since they are ideal for managing institutional emails, browsing and using specific office automation programs.

Although you should remember that they do not reach a high speed like other computers, their RAM can be 2 GB, although it can be expanded if desired. Instead, its storage can reach up to 32 GB of memory, being also possible to extend.

Just like a drawer computer or laptop, it’s important to take good care of it. In this way, you guarantee that the work you perform can be executed correctly without interruptions. So it is necessary to apply the same maintenance techniques used in a normal computer.

The ideal is that its ventilation grilles are cleaned; it has little ventilation after being small. In addition to this, these little drawers can open, and all the dust that has entered them can be removed. If this is true, none of its functions will be affected, and you will be able to maintain your speed.

On the other hand, the temperature at which it is kept is also decisive to the last longer. Like a normal computer, these elements give off heat while working. So the ideal is that they are under temperatures around 20 degrees and do not exceed 35.

Types of Mini PCs that exist in the market

Now it is time for us to show you what you can find in the market related to these teams. There are different models, where each of its characteristics can vary according to its size. Some are more practical and efficient than others. However, you can choose according to your needs.

Small ITX-type PCs

These are the most common models on the market as it looks like smaller computer drawer. Inside it are its different components, including a mini ITX motherboard. Some models of these may be capable of graphics cards or regular power supplies.

Among its main advantages, we can mention that they can be assembled in pieces like a desktop computer. In addition, it can be used without any problem as if it were a normal computer. Its limitations are the components’ size due to their size.

Micro PC Type

These models are much smaller than the ones mentioned above. The base plates that usually use these elements are of a custom type; they do not have a specific format. They are the smallest model; their shape and size are compared to a phone charger.

Despite this, they are an element that allows a lot of connectivity through many ports. Most of them are through Ethernet or USB type ports to connect to a normal computer.

NUC type mini computers

The motherboards used by all these models are in the mini STX format. The renowned company Intel was one of the pioneers in bringing this type of device to the market. They usually come with a group of components necessary for their operation, although they lack RAM and storage.

In these elements, the user can use and adapt these components according to their tastes. This way, you will have the desired freedom to give it the size and support you want and suitable for it.

Raspberry Pi Type

These models start from a development motherboard and work like a Mini PC. The Raspberry Pi is pioneers like Intel, where models such as the Banana Pi or the Orange Pi have been developed. All with great functionality and really small size, like a computer mouse.

Compute Stick

These are other smaller models that are on the market. They are similar to a flash drive, with specific characteristics. They have a male HDMI port for monitors and TVs powered through a USB port. Its performance is much lower than previous models and the consumption they have.

What makes them better than a laptop?

You are probably wondering what makes these mini-computers better than a laptop. The reality is that it can be much cheaper to buy this type of element in costs. In addition, their functionalities allow you to connect them to a TV and connect to a cheap and durable keyboard.

Its facilities are almost non-existent since you can take it anywhere, even inside your pants pocket. On the other hand, its mission can also work as a decoder behind a television. Despite its size, a functional element can offer great advantages to its users.

It is recommended that each user fully understand the characteristics of one of these elements. In this way, you can determine which is the most recommended according to the type of use that is going to be given. As we can see in the types, some models have specific characteristics and are different from others.

So look for the Mini PC that best suits what you need or the work you want to do with it. After this, you can start using it wherever you want, either at work or in your own home. Functional and very useful, just like a normal computer or just like a laptop.

Take a Mini PC home to do different tasks.

Regardless of the Mini PC, you choose on the market; each can offer you different functionalities. Remember that you must do the proper maintenance to reduce its working capacity. Its components are much smaller and more delicate, so keep an eye out for this type of data when buying one.

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