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Information About MedHelp

Company Name MedHelp
Category Healthcare Software
Company Description MedHelp is an American private corporation that was founded in February 1994 and pioneered the field of consumer health information and communities on the Internet, before WebMD, Microsoft or Yahoo!.
Country United States
Company Size 40
Company Phone 4072539048

Financial Information of MedHelp

Customer Database 3M
Revenue $1.1M
Year-over-Year Growth
Founded Year 1994
Social Media Presence
Linkedin Page
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MedHelp’s Founder Information
Founder Name Cindy Thompson
First Name Cindy
Last Name Thompson
Founder Email
Technology Using Mailchimp; Facebook Connect; Sendgrid; Salesforce; Ruby On Rails; Cloud Flare; Google Apps; DoubleClick Ads; comScore; Zendesk