LISTSERV is a mailing list program that used to be very popular in the initial phase of the Internet. Eric Thomas developed it in 1985, but it was not released very widely until he made many changes. At the same time, it has been made very efficient to distribute the message.

Then later, the “Revised LISTSERV” program was released in June 1986. Then it later became a standard mailing list tool for BITNET; it is a network for United States universities.

The two main reasons for LISTSERV to be so popular are Simplicity and automation. For example, this works with standard email, so you do not need special software to use this service.

It allows you to subscribe and unsubscribe by sending one email to the correct email address. Once you have subscribed to a LISTSERV list, you can send messages to all other members and receive messages from those who have subscribed to that list. Subscriptions and message distribution are handled automatically by the LISTSERV program.

LISTSERV provided a very efficient medium for group discussions years ago when there were no social media at that time. But as email evolved so made mailing lists. Over the years, more complex mass mailing systems have replaced LISTSERV. Along with this, many universities have also maintained LISTSERV servers so far; in most of these, you will get millions of subscribers.

LISTSERV” is most often used by synonyms with “mailing list”, but these two meanings are not the same. LISTSERV is a program that provides automated mailing list functionality. Along with LISTSERV, many different mailing list programs and services are available to use.

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