Lets Know How to Make Agarbatti

How to Make Agarbatti?

The primary and necessary work to start the agarbatti industry is (price of material, material, cost, formula, raw material, rate and source, training center, equipment, labor, location). Is received Incense sticks have been used in India since ancient times. 

Agarbattis are used in major religious and social functions in India, apart from which incense sticks are also used by people of Indian community abroad. In this way, incense sticks are also being used in foreign countries at the present time. 

In India, the demand for incense sticks remains in the market at some of the Teej festivals throughout the year and if you want to start any business, then your first task is to find out the demand about that item, whatever business you start. If you want to make, the demand of whatever product you are trying to make is also in the market or not, and incense sticks are a commodity whose demand remains in the market throughout the year. 

You can do business of incense sticks at big or small level. In both ways, you can start this business according to your convenience, if incense sticks are full of aromatic as well as insecticidal and antiseptic properties.

How to Make Agarbatti

Important things related to Agarbatti sticks production

Whether the business is small or big, there is a risk. And the investment is also done according to your convenience, then before taking any kind of risk, that plan should be implemented in advance so that there is no uncertainty.
1. First the cost should be determined, then the plans related to it should be prepared which should be according to your budget.
2. Get information about possible markets from where the raw material will be supplied and in which market it will be made and sold so that you can know about and overcome the obstacles that are already encountered about their respective markets. .
3. Information should be obtained about the equipment and machines used for making incense sticks, then select the location and then try to complete the business by setting the time to operate the business.
4. Thereafter, all the necessary materials for the business, how to do all the work related to the same packaging, these plans should be noted.

Sources of supply for raw materials for incense sticks industry

1. Raw material for the business of incense sticks is easily available anywhere in India throughout the year.
2. In Kolkata many companies named Krishna Group, Durga Engineering, Loknath Agarbatti etc. make these materials available.
3. MK in Ahmedabad There are many companies like Panchal Industries, Amul Agarbatti Works and Shanti Enterprises which provide these materials in each city, you can order raw materials and get information about them through various websites given below for your convenience.

Select location to start incense sticks industry

Agarbatti industry can be started at both small and big levels. It can also be started at home on a small level, and if you want to start this business on a large scale, then you need to start this business at 1000 square feet.

Information related to time limit for making incense sticks

The time of manufacture of incense sticks depends on the machine you use, in this business there are many types of machines related to making incense sticks like if you have an automatic machine, you can manufacture 150 to 200 incense sticks in 1 minute and In addition, if you get the workers to do construction through their hands, then it depends on the ability of your workers.

Evaluation of cost incurred in agarbatti industry

If this business is to be started at home level then it can be started from Rs. 13000 / -. Apart from this, if it is to be started on a large scale, it costs about Rs 5 lakh to start it.

Selection of Agarbatti Making Machine

Before starting the agarbatti industry in 2021, it is also necessary to choose machines. You can evaluate the machine based on the size and investment of your business.

Generally, there are three types of machines for making incense sticks which are as follows –
Agarbatti Making Manual Machine

The manual machine can be operated easily. This machine consists of both double and single paddles. Its price is also less. It is durable and easy to use. The price of manual machine is up to Rs 14000 / -.
Automatic i.e. Agarbatti Making Automatic Machine
If the size of the business is large, the choice of automatic machine for this would be appropriate. The advantage of this machine is that in this you can produce 150 to 180 incense sticks in 1 minute. It costs around Rs 90,000 / -.

Agarbatti Making High Speed ​​Machine

This machine does not require much staff; it is a fully automatic machine. 300 to 450 incense sticks can be made by this machine in one minute. In this machine, incense sticks can also be kept 8 to 12 inches in length. The cost of this shamin is up to Rs 1.15 lakh.
Agarbatti Dryer Machine
If you produce at home level then you can dry it by spreading the incense sticks under the fan. Apart from this, if the scale of business is large, many types of machines are available in the market for this, you can dry 160 kg of incense sticks in 8 hours using these machines. The price of these machines is up to Rs. 25000 / -.

How to make agarbatti raw material? (How to make agarbatti paste?)

Charcoal Dust 1 Kg 12 ₹
Jigat Powder 1 Kg 58 ₹
White Chips Powder 1 Kg 20 ₹
Chandan Powder 1 Kg 36 ₹
Bamboo Stick 1 Kg 115 ₹
Perfume 1 Piece 390 ₹
DEP 1 Liter 140 ₹
Paper box 1 dozen 76 ₹
Wrapping paper 1 packet 36 ₹
Kuppam Dust 1 Kg 84 ₹
To make agarbatti, the powder of raw materials needs to be mixed, there is also a machine available in the market to mix this powder. If the size of the business is large then you can use this machine. It costs up to Rs. 32000 / -. This machine can be prepared by making both wet and dry mixture.
How to make incense sticks by hand

How to Make Agarbatti

Incense sticks can be produced in two ways, one in the form of normal incense sticks and the other in the form of aromatic incense sticks to make agarbatti premix powder which is a mixture of charcoal powder, wood powder and jig powder, it is 2 kg Take it in quantity, then add 1 to 1.5 liters of water and knead it like tiered flour.
You can easily make up to two kilograms of incense sticks with this blended mixture material, then take a thin bamboo stick and stick it on it, and roll it by hand. After this, it is dried by putting it in a fragrant source, and after that it is prepared for Packing.
How to make incense sticks aromatic
If you want to make aromatic incense sticks then after drying, you can make agarbattis of special aroma by dipping the incense sticks in a special kind of fragrance material. For this, available in the market is ethyl format called DEP in short and aromatic perfume is mixed in a ratio of 4: 1 ie 4 liters of DEP by mixing 1 liter of perfume and dipping the agarbattis after drying it.
Some precautions related to making incense sticks
Agarbatti should never be dried in the sun, it should always be dried in the shade or with the help of a dryer machine. Keep it separate to dry, do not put it together on top of one. If you do this, it can also stick to each other. So these are the main precautions to be taken.
Registration information for incense sticks industry
If you have to do this business on a large scale, then you should take appropriate document related action. like :-

1. First of all you should register your business in ROC according to its size.
2. Further, the license should be appealed to the local authority.
3. After that, get business card from there.
4. Bank account should be opened in the name of the company.
5. After this, apply for GST registration, along with any trade mark or name, then register it so that the company’s brand and name will be protected.
6. In addition, you must obtain a NOC from the Pollution Control Board for the manufacturing unit and get a factory license and operate your business.
Packaging information of incense sticks
Before bringing any product to the market, special attention should be paid to its packaging. If the packaging is good, then the product will attract the customer to buy it. Packaging of incense sticks can be done by hands or by machines. The finished product is then counted and filled in a plastic pouch. After that, the company is packed in a colorful box or cardboard box with the company’s logo and information related to the company name.
Also, if the machine has a double packing, its packing is done automatically, in which the process of filling in the plastic pouches automatically by counting agarbattis.

How to Sell my Agarbatti?

The production of the product then requires packaging and then marketing, if you want to sell more of your product, then you have to pay attention to its marketing as well, there are many ways of marketing such as promotion through newspaper and letter magazines. Can spread.
Apart from this, if you do business on a large scale, then you can promote and promote your product on local radios and TV channels. And apart from this, you can also keep a sample in stores and shops and shops or markets where more and more customers move and you can attract customers to buy your product.

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