left-click is called clicking the left mouse button of the mouse. If seen, “left-clicking” only means that when you click the left mouse button, which is, by default, also the primary button. This term “left-click” is often used in contrast to “right-click”, which means to click the secondary button of the mouse, which is on the right side of the mouse.

Left-clicking is used to perform many everyday computing tasks, such as selecting objects, opening hyperlinks, and closing Windows. Similarly, if you click the left mouse button and hold to drag, it can be used to select text or do drag and drop operations.

In video games, left-clicking is typically used to perform an immediate action, such as moving a character or firing a weapon.

This left-click is quite a natural click for right-handed users, as their index finger does it. For left-handed users, doing this may be a little smiling. So both Mac OS X and Windows allow you to switch the primary mouse button from left to right.

Double-clicking is required to do just two left-clicks in the same rapid sequence.

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