KVM Switch


The KVM switch is a switch that allows you to use multiple computers with the same keyboard, video display, and mouse.

The full form of KVM Switch is “Keyboard, Video, and Mouse switch.” By the way, most of us do not need to use two computers at one time. Rather I would say that using one computer also becomes a big challenge sometimes.

But there are also situations where using a single keyboard, mouse, and the display becomes very practical with multiple machines.

For example, software programmers use a KVM switch to alternate with two or more computers that use different operating systems. This allows them to develop a cross-platform application to test their software across multiple platforms.

Network administrators often use these KVM switches to simultaneously monitor and control multiple servers. These KVM switches support eight or more computers at the same time.

KVM switch can be turned on by pressing only one button; now, administrators can easily see the display of any machine connected with the switch and can also control it with a single keyboard and with the help of a mouse.

Of course, a home user can also use KVM switches to perform daily tasks. Some people like to have two computers on their desks, such as a home and another working computer, or a Mac and a PC. In this case, a KVM switch can easily accommodate both machines, allowing them to share the same monitorkeyboard, and mouse.

Because each needs only one. As a result, you will see a very clear formula. With this, you can also put other things on that desk, such as papers, mail, and other things.

Since most keyboards and mice use a USB connection, most KVM switches include USB ports. PS / 2 or serial ports are found in older models.

The connection to the monitor can be either a VGA or DVI port, or both. If you want to use a KVM switch for your computer setup, make sure that its ports match with the display and input devices you will use.


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