Khadi Agarbatti Atmanirbhar Mission 2021

Khadi Agarbatti Atmanirbhar Mission

The Central Government runs many schemes to make the people self-reliant in the country. In the list of those schemes, a new scheme has been launched by the Central Government. The Central Government has named the scheme the Khadi Agarbatti Self-reliant Mission Plan. The MSc Department of India has announced the launch of this scheme. In this article, you will be provided complete information regarding this scheme. Therefore, you should read this article till the end to get full details about it.

Khadi Agarbatti Atmanirbhar Mission 2021

Name of the scheme – Khadi Agarbatti Self-reliant Mission Plan

Launch Date – Sun 2020-21

Launched – by the Central Government

Beneficiary – Poor and needy workers of India

Said applied – in all states of the country

Operation of the Scheme – Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises

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Khadi Agarbatti Self-reliant Mission Plan Objectives

  1. Its main objective is to make the country self-sufficient in the indigenous agarbatti manufacturing sector, not to go out for these things.
  2. To employ the citizens of the country under this scheme. It is creating hundreds of thousands of jobs by promoting the micro and small scale industries that are happening at present.
  3. To make women self-reliant by employing women from domestic employment in all rural areas of the country.
  4. Accelerate the Prime Minister’s most important campaign, the Self-Reliant India Campaign.
  5. Promoting artisans associated with local industries and industries.


  1. This scheme is designed for the people of rural areas. The needy workers of the country will be made self-sufficient so that they can stand on their own feet.
  2. Under this scheme implemented in the country, employment opportunities will be increased in rural and urban areas to get particular employment.
  3. Workers will be encouraged to make incense sticks from the raw materials around them. The production of incense sticks currently in India will be increased more rapidly.
  4. This will give a boost to regional and local jobs.
  5. This scheme will provide domestic employment to women from rural areas at the rural level in the country.
  6. Currently, the lock-down at Corona Coal will provide gainful employment to unemployed migrant labourers.
  7. According to the government, the workers can get Rs 250 or more per day from this scheme.
  8. Under this scheme, four labourers will be employed per machine, whereas thousands of jobs can be created under this scheme.
  9. The already self-sufficient India campaign in India will gain momentum.
  10. With the help of this scheme, self-employment and local trade will be promoted.
  11. Due to the increase in agarbatti production in India, imports will be reduced, and domestic productions will increase.
  12. Companies will benefit from buying the machine from the companies manufacturing the incense sticks machine.


  1. The Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises of India has prepared a roadmap of Rs 55 crores to make the mission of this scheme a success.
  2. Necessary machinery, Khadi and Village Industries Commission will be provided to new entrepreneurs in regional areas to manufacture incense sticks.
  3. In this business, the Khadi and Village Industries Commission will give a subsidy of 25 per cent to the businessman for the purchase of machines. The remaining 75 per cent can be paid by the entrepreneurs in easy instalments so that the businessmen do not have to face economic problems.
  4. Under this scheme, up to Rs. Three crores of 45 lakhs will be provided to the entrepreneurs associated with 1500 incense sticks.
  5. Under this scheme, two development centres will be opened in the Kanauj district to increase the quality of incense sticks.
  6. Ten new construction clusters will be built under this scheme and this program at the cost of 50 crores in the country.
  7. Under this scheme, the cost of training new artisans associated with this business will be borne by the government in association with Khadi and Village Industries Commission, Private Business Sector.
  8. Under the scheme, trade-related industries will provide the raw material for manufacturing incense sticks to the artisans.


  1. Applicants who wish to apply under this scheme should be a native of any state of India.
  2. The annual income of the applicant applying in this scheme should be less than two lakhs.
  3. Applicants who wish to apply in this scheme should be below the prescribed poverty line in India, and no one in their family has a job, or a member pays tax in India.


The documents required to apply in this scheme are as follows –

How to Apply

Currently, no portal has been implemented to apply for this scheme. If any portal related to this scheme is launched in future, you will be told through this article. You can get information related to this scheme on this portal issued by the Central Government.


In this scheme, the central government has set a budget of 50 crore rupees. Under this scheme, the beneficiaries will also be given subsidy to purchase goods associated with this business.



Q: Where is the Khadi Agarbatti Self-reliant Mission Plan implemented?

Ans: Implemented by the Central Government in every state in the country.

Q: Who is operating the Khadi Agarbatti Self-reliant Mission Plan?

Ans: It is being operated by the Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises.

Q: What is the main objective of the Khadi Agarbatti self-reliant mission plan?

Ans: To make rural people self-sufficient in the field of incense sticks business in the country.

Q: Who can apply for Khadi Agarbatti Self-reliant Mission Scheme?