Keylogger is a program that records all the keystrokes on a computer. To do this, it monitors a user’s input and together maintains a log of all the keys to be pressed. This log is saved in a file or sent to another machine via a network or Internet.

Keylogger programs are often called spyware because they are mostly run without user knowledge, which means that the user does not know at all whether a keylogger program is running in the background or not.

They are also installed incorrectly by hackers to spy on a user’s computer and know what a user is typing at the end.

By examining Keylog data, it is possible to determine a user’s private information, such as username and password combination.

Therefore, keyloggers can become a high-security risk if installed in a computer without knowing it.

At the same time, the best way to protect yourself from this type of keylogger program is to install a good anti-virus or security software in your system, which informs you when any such new programs are installed. At the same time, you have to see that there is no unauthorized access to another person on your computer.

This is mostly seen in work environments. Whereas if you want, you can also periodically check the current processes running on your computer to see if any keyloggers or other malware programs are active. Therefore it is better to check this type of threat from time to time.


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