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Information About iHotelligence

Company Name iHotelligence
Website ihotelligence.com
Category Hospitality Software
Company Description Hotel Management Software developed to make your life easier. Our Hotel Management Software will allow you to automate your guests journey.
Country Ireland
Company Size 7
Company Phone 353 1 281 1960

Financial Information of iHotelligence

Customer Database 0
Revenue $351.7K
Year-over-Year Growth
Founded Year 2011
Social Media Presence
Linkedin Page https://www.linkedin.com/company/innovation-software
Facebook Page https://facebook.com/802040903152223
Twitter Page https://twitter.com/iHotelligence
iHotelligence’s Founder Information
Founder Name Keith Slowey
First Name Keith
Last Name Slowey
Founder Email [email protected]
Technology Using Microsoft Exchange Online; Salesforce; Google Maps; WordPress; Google Tag Manager; Recaptcha; Google Analytics; Twitter Button; Outlook