How to Start Ice Making Plant Business in India?

Hello Guys, If you are looking for new business, then today we have brought full details related to Ice Factory Business / Ice Making plant for you, after reading this, you will get complete information about how the business of Ice is. Today, millions of people are earning millions of rupees every month by doing this business, so we thought why not tell our users about this business too.

If you want to earn good money by investing less, then this business can be a profitable deal for you. In this article, we are going to give complete information about what you have to do to do the business of making ice factory.

Let’s know how to start ice making business in India:

What is an ice factory?

Friends, by the name of Ice Factory, we understand that the place where ice is made is called Ice Factory. But you should understand that the factory is called when the big machines that make ice work are present there. Because we need many machines and equipment to make ice.

In this article, we are going to tell you about which machines should be made in the ice factory or which equipment should be available.

Market research is very important for Ice Factory

If you want to do the business of making ice, that is, to set up an ice factory, then, first of all, I would ask you to do research in your market. How many people or businesses are there that need ice. If there is a lot of business where there is a need for ice and there is a lot of demand for ice, then you can do the business of making ice in your area. If the demand is very low, then I would not advise doing this business.

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Equipment used in Ice plant

Ice Factory consists of many machines, their names are as follows –

  • Slipping Induction meter with starter and capacitor
  • Ammonia oil separator with flanges and oil drain valve
  • Atmosphere type ammonia condensers having pipes
  • Ammonia Receiver
  • Frizzing tank
  • Coil
  • Brine agitator with indication meter
  • Low-pressure air blower
  • Condenser water curriculum Pump
  • Seem welded Ice cans
  • Air fittings
  • Salt
  • Hydrometer, thermometer, and tool kit

(Apart from these, there are many such types of equipment, the details of which will be told to you by Ice Machine seller, in which water, ammonia gas, and salt are very important.)

How Ice is made in Ice Factory?

ice making plant business in India

That is, what method the manufacturer uses to make the ice that we get in the market. If the entire setup of Ice Factory is installed somewhere, then it uses such a method which we are explaining to you with the help of bullet points.

  • First of all, ammonia gas is released in Ice Cans.
  • When the gas comes into the tank, it becomes a liquid first and then with the help of a Cooling Coil, this gas is converted into vapor.
  • The tank already contains up to 30% salt, due to which the vapor starts to take a thick form again.
  • With the help of agitation, it is spread throughout the tank with the help of salt to control the temperature.
  • It takes about 24 hours to bring the temperature of humidity up to 15 F. When this temperature reaches 15 F.
  • Then water is filled in it.
  • When the freezing point of water is 30 F, the water freezes as ice.
  • Now the air is left in the container to make the ice come right and freeze.
  • It takes about 18 hours to make ice completely, it depends on the snow capacity, if you are making very little ice then you may also take less time.
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How much to invest in the Ice plant business and how much profit can be made?

If you live in an area where 20,000 people live, then the business of making snow at such a place can prove to be very good for you. You will have to invest 3 to 4 lakh rupees in setting up a small snow factory. If you talk about profit then it depends on your area because we cannot send the snow to other places, that is far away, so it has to be sold in the nearest area. Still, you can earn from 1 lakh to 2 lakh rupees a month. In this you will get 40% profit, the rest will be spent on water and electricity, etc.

Overall, if you talk about profit, then if there is a lot of snow demand in your area, then you can earn Rs 5 lakh by deducting the entire expenditure every month.

Where can we sell ice?

We do not need to go anywhere to sell ice, if there is too much snow demand in your area, buyers will come to you on their own. For this, you have to do some marketing. But if we talk about the need for snow, then these people always need snow-like –

  1. Marriage palace
  2. Fruit shopkeepers
  3. Vegetables
  4. To golgappers
  5. In hotels
  6. In marriage
  7. Awakening
  8. Ice cream people
  9. For domestic use
  10. To cool water in summer

There are many places where snow demand is always there, now you have to find out how much demand is there in your city. If the demand is very high, then you can easily take your ice-making business far ahead.

How much is the risk in the ice business?

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If we talk about how much risk is in the snow business, according to our information, there is a 10 percent chance that your business will not run. You will be the reason for not running the business of ice. Because if you have not understood your area properly and have made the task of making ice directly i.e. Ice Factory, then your work may be difficult. Because market research is very important before making ice. If we talk about how much loss there will be, then if you have rented a place somewhere in the market, then that rent and if you have hired workers, then depending on their salary, there can be a loss of up to 1 lakh rupees. Because if your Ice Factory does not run, then you can sell the machine and all the equipment that makes ice and can afford your machine.

We have told you here about how to start Ice making plant business, what equipment you will need to make it, etc. If you want other information related to Ice Factory, then you can ask in the comment here. We will try to answer your questions soon.

How much space should there be for Ice making plant?

There should be 700 to 1000 square feet of space.

What is the cost of making a machine?

Its price starts from 1 lakh 40 thousand.

How many workers are required in Ice Factory?

2 or 3 workers are required because the rest of the work is automatic.

Does an Ice Factory require a license to install?

Yes, you need to get FSSAI registration from your nearest industry department as a small-scale industry.

Will Ice Factory have to dig pits in the ground?

There are many types of machines available today, in such a situation that there is no need for pits to make ice now; if Blocks type ice is made, then there is enough model available with the machine for them.