How to Start Ginger Garlic Paste Business?

In our country, 60% of the farmers cultivate almost different crops and now in our country ginger and garlic are also being cultivated on a large scale. Ginger and garlic paste is mostly used as a spice in our country to enhance the taste and flavor of dishes. Today most people are becoming dependent on resources and in such a situation, everything is available in the market as per the need of humans. In today’s time, garlic and ginger paste is in demand and now you can easily buy its paste in the market as well. The demand of this trade is increasing in the market today and you too can start the business of garlic and ginger paste and today we will give you information on this topic in this article.

Ginger and garlic paste market demand

ginger garlic paste business

There are many medicinal properties found in ginger and garlic, and in addition, people in their country also use ginger and garlic paste to enhance its flavor in food. In today’s time, the demand for ginger and garlic paste is very high and today there are many companies in the market, who are only doing business with ginger and garlic paste. To do this business, we just have to pay attention to the quality of our ginger and garlic paste and also pay a little special attention to its marketing, just you can easily start this business.

Raw material used to make garlic and ginger paste

To start the business of ginger and garlic paste, we do not need much raw material, we just need good quality garlic and ginger and it will be easily available at local prices in your nearest market.

Machinery required for the trade of garlic and ginger paste

To start this business we do not need to buy more expensive machinery but if you buy a fully automatic machine, it may be a bit expensive for you and if you buy a semi-automatic machine, you will have to invest a little less. In this trade, you do not need very big machinery and you can easily manufacture the products you write in this paper in a normal place. Below we have given a list of some machinery used in this trade and you can easily buy that machinery in your nearest market.

  1. Water jet water
  2. Ginger Skin Peeling Machine
  3. Fruit mill / crusher
  4. Pulping machine
  5. packing machine
  6. Weighing machine
  7. Sealing machine
  8. Cartoon making machine
  9. Stainless steel tank
  10. Ginger and garlic paste making process

To start the business of ginger and garlic paste, we have to make it first. The process of making ginger and garlic paste is not very difficult and you can make it through easy methods as mentioned below.

First of all, after buying garlic and ginger from the market, we have to clean them thoroughly with the pressure of the jet pump machine.

Now you have to remove the skin of the upper surface of ginger and garlic with the help of machinery and clean it completely.

After this process is done, you have to put your vegetable materials inside the fruit mill/crusher machine.

Now to make a good quality paste, we have to put the products of the fruit mill/crusher machine inside the applying machine.
After this process is done and now all your mixture has to be put in the final stainless steel tank.

And in this way, you will be able to easily make your ginger and garlic paste and in the last, you have to send this paste as packaging and send it for sale in the market.
Select location for trading ginger and garlic

ginger garlic paste business

We do not need a special place to start the business of ginger and garlic, but you can start it anywhere at your convenience. Just remember that you will need an area where cleanliness is especially important and there should not be much difficulty in keeping the products made by you.

License and registration for trading of ginger and garlic

As we all know or business is related to foodstuff, in such a situation, you have to get your license related to this business from the Department of Food Safety. In this trade, this license is very useful for you to verify the quality of your products and if you start this business at a small level, then you do not need to register under a much larger industry department to start it. And you can start it easily only by going to your nearest Small Industries Department and getting it registered.

Selection of staff member in ginger and garlic trade

As we told you, we have to take the help of semi-automatic machines in this trade, so to start this business you only need to operate machinery and packing ginger and garlic paste products. If you wish, you can easily start it with the help of your family members. Well, you will get all these staff members in your local area also and they just need the Earth Machine used in this business. Have to give light information related to running and then they will start doing their work well in your business.

Packaging in the trade of ginger and garlic paste
After making any product, special attention has to be paid to its packaging, only then it is able to be reliably sold in the market. For packaging garlic and ginger paste, we have to use plastic or glass bottles of different sizes. After putting our product in different size bottles, we have to seal it well and then stick our brand sticker in it. After doing this, we have to take a medium size box and pack our garlic and ginger paste bottles in that box to be sold in the market and packed in the market. In this way, the packaging of ginger and garlic paste is easily completed.

Total investment for trading of ginger and garlic paste

We do not require much investment to start this business. If we also add the value of the raw material used in this trade to the semi-automatic machinery, then we can start this business at a small level with a minimum investment of only Rs 50 thousand to Rs 1 lakh.

Ginger and garlic paste trade benefits

If we run this business well, then we can easily make an income of at least 30 to 35 thousand rupees every month. If the business is big then you will start getting income from this business too. We should focus only on making our business big.

Marketing of ginger and garlic paste business

Friends, as we all know, in today’s time you get to see restaurants, dhabas or hotels in almost every small and big place. Both non-veg and veg are made in such places of food and drink, and mostly ginger and garlic paste is used in these. Now there is so much crowd in such places, that a person has to be kept separately in this work. If we contact hotel restaurants and dhabas in such areas and then tell them about our products and if we provide them with quality products at a lower price than the market, then they would definitely like to buy our products and If it is demanded, then it can be easily sold in such areas. Apart from this, you can sell your products wholesale and also marketing them at grocery stores and general stores. Keep in mind that we have to keep our product a little lower than the price of other products sold in the market.

Risk in business of ginger and garlic paste

As we have already told you, the demand for this trade is almost in the losers sector and hence from this point of view, we are going to see very little risk in this trade. Just we need to start our business with a quality and a good strategy. needed.

How to Start Ginger Garlic Paste Business

In today’s time, you are not going to get more people to do the business of garlic and ginger paste, that is, you are going to get very little competition in this area. You can start this business with very little investment and easily earn good money in the present and future.


Q: What is the trade of ginger and garlic paste?Ans: In this trade we prepare readymade paste of ginger and garlic. Q: Can only expert and reputed person start the business of ginger and garlic paste?Ans: No at all. Q: Where can I start the business of ginger and garlic paste?Ans: We can start it anywhere. Q: Do we need a license or registration to start the business of ginger and garlic paste?Ans: Yes, it happens. Q: What is the process of making ginger and garlic paste?Ans: Read the article to know about this process. Q: What is the total investment required to start the business of ginger and garlic paste?Ans: Between 50 thousand rupees to 1 lakh rupees. Q: How much can we earn from trading ginger and garlic paste?Ans: 30 to 35 thousand rupees per month.

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