How to Start Computer Repairing Business | Investment, Profile and Legal Terms

Do you know how to start computer repairing business?, then take a look at our article. How it can be created, and what are the requirements for this. All this information is available here.

What is Computer Repairing Business?

Today, computers and laptops have become a necessity for people. Office or home, people have to do a lot of work through computers or laptops. There can be some problem or malfunction in computers and laptops used in the most used. In this way, people take their computers or laptops to a computer specialist and repair them. So today the demand for computer repairers has increased a lot. In such a case, if it started its business, then it could be a good option.

Computer and Laptop Repairing Essential Skills

To start a computer repair business, you must have computer skills and know both software and hardware. You should be aware of various system configurations and specifications. You should be able to showcase your computer skills to other people, especially customers, before they hand over your computer to you. Before starting this business, you need to earn all kinds of knowledge about computer repair. Apart from this, when you start this business, you have to keep your knowledge updated regularly.

Where to learn? (Where to Learn Repairing)

There is no need to go out to learn anything, everything you can learn through the internet in today’s time. You can use websites like and to get training through the internet. These are the websites that work as computer repairs. You can learn this work from here. Apart from this, you can also get this training from YouTube videos. If you want to go to any institute and do exercise, this is also a better option. There are many local institutions nowadays who provide training in such work. Apart from these, you can also get help from a technician, who offers this service by visiting home. It can prove to be the best option because they provide you with practical knowledge rather than theoretical knowledge.

How to Start Computer Repairing Business?

Location for Business Store

First of all, you need to consider whether you want to open the store or do business from home. If you open the store and start this business, then the probability of earnings can be very high. But it can also be beneficial. However, there may be some responsibility and risk too. On the other hand, a business that works from your home can be more flexible and cost-effective, and it also controls your business. But this is a low-income business, but it can be more difficult for your customers to reach you. So if you select the store, you should choose a place where your customers can easily reach. Apart from this, you also have to see that there are no other businesses around you or more like you so that customers are attracted to your store.

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Note: – You opened your computer repairing business store in the place where there are computer stores nearby. You can also open a store at a place where small businesses have good concentration.

Required Tools (Equipment Required)

If you are preparing to open a store, then prepare a list of sales and computer components. Customers are required to service immediately, and in this case, you must have all kinds of software and related hardware-related equipment. You have some essential tools such as a motherboard, CPU (processor), RAM (memory), hard drive (both IDE and SASA), CD / DVD drive, video card, sound card, and network card, etc. Can be included in These are the primary component of the computer. A list of some other tools is displayed below –

Essential Computer Tools

ESD Straps or other ESD Protection devices, all types of screwdriver, flashlight, etc.

Computer Hardware Replacement & Repairing Tools

Antistatic matte, precision screwdriver set, compressed air, multimeter, power cable, network cable, keyboard, mouse, empty antistatic bags, lint-free cloth, low-weight soldering iron, reel, wire cutter, sticker, postcard, temperature gun, Heat gun, etc.

Computer software tools

USB drive, UBCD, and empty CDs for storing data, etc.

Other Supporting Computer Tools

AA and AAA batteries (for wireless mouse and keyboard), crimping tools, etc.

Computer Cleaning Tools

Cloth, Water or Rubbing Alcohol, Portable Vacuum Cleaner, Cotton Swabs, Foam Swabs, etc.

It includes both the internal and external components. So, the more equipment you have, the less time it takes to provide the customer repairing service, and the customer will not have to wait too long.

Business Registration and License

To prove the validity of your business, it is necessary to register it. For this, first of all, think of a name that has not been registered earlier. Otherwise, your business name will not be accepted. You should think of two business names, and it should be similar to search availability with the Corporate Commission. Once the search is complete, a name is confirmed for use. This name is used as a business name in the application form. 

If both names are not approved, you will have to repeat the process until the business name is approved. If you are having difficulty finding the correct word, you can also use the business name generator. Once your business name and structure are finalized, you will have to get a license for your business. 

For this, you go to the online employment office and register your business and get a business license by giving all information related to your business there.

Investment and Profit

Since this business will require many types of equipment, which are also the most important for your business, also, money is needed to open its store. So you may have to invest at least Rs 10 to 15 lakh at the beginning to start this. But when your business is fully organized, then this business will become a better source of income for you. By charging your services, you charge your customers as much that it is cheap for them and also enough to pursue your business. You can take this information from your other competitors, how much you charge them. So the more customers join your business, the more benefit you get from this.

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Government Loan Info

Suppose you have decided to start your own business. And you do not have enough money; you can also take a loan from a government bank. In today’s time, loans are being provided by the government in many ways related to business and employment. You can apply for business and employment loans by getting a loan and starting your business.

Services offered to customers (Services that can be provided to customers)

Computer repair: – Computer repair is the main reason for starting your business. You begin with an on-site repair; you can run this business right from your home. But if you have a shop, then you can do this work by taking it there. It would help if you always kept portable tools with you.

Software support: – In addition to providing hardware, you should also provide software support. Software services include software testing of compatibility with operating systems and installation of such software.

Training: – At present, all computers want to know. You can train on the computer using some programs. If you are an expert in some training programs such as Microsoft Office, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc., this can benefit you. If you have good knowledge of accounting software, you can also charge more for this while training it.

Networking: – Small businesses or large corporations have their local area network (lane) to share information that can be done through wireless cable. You can also provide this service.

Software upgrade: – Information technology is constantly updated. Software manufacturers have come up with new updates regularly. Software upgrades can also be provided to your customers.

Anti-Virus: – Every computer user is afraid of virus attacks, and to protect them, they need to put anti-virus software on their computer. This facility can be provided to customers with both anti-virus installs and updates in their system.

Backups: – Even though the anti-virus has been installed in the customer’s computer, it is necessary to have a backup to keep the data safe. You can also provide backup services to your customers on their computers.

Hardware Suppliers: – Since you are doing this business. So many examples will come to you, where people will consult you for the supply of computers. They believe in you because they know that you give them the correct specification. You can also buy it at a reasonable price and sell it with your profit margin.

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All these features and things can work to earn you extra money and keep your customers tied.

Business Strengths and Weaknesses

You have to know your strength and weakness to start a computer repairing business. On the one hand, you can have the power of your business, where good practical knowledge, good reputation, good quality service, different services, loyalty towards customers, access to computer parts and accessories and connect with suitable computer vendors. On the other hand, some of these may also be your weakness. If you think that you are weak in some of these, then you should work on it.

It would help if you professionally started this business. You can do it through a store where people do not have trouble reaching you because large corporate organizations like to work with computer repair companies located at an official address at the same place.

Apart from all this, you can have an excellent technical background, but you need to know more about the business. To make your business a success, you should have a good balance of business, technical and strong social skills to meet the needs of your customers, and you can build relationships with them for a long time.

In this way, you can work on your weakness and turn the fault of your business into strength.

Marketing of the Business

You may be proficient in your computer repairing business, but if you do not have marketing it, you will not have access to repairs. Therefore you must marketing your business. It is a very challenging task, especially if you want to start it from your home. Please print the flyer or pamphlet and distribute it in your area. It may take some time to start making you your customer. But this is not impossible. You can start this business as a side business in the beginning. And once it gets settled, you can make it better by setting it up ultimately.

Business Risk

You may also face some risks in this business because if you do not have the proper knowledge of computer and computer skills sufficient and you are unable to repair the system of your customers, and instead of improving it, And make or destroy them, it can lift your trust from your customers. You will be held responsible for this loss. So you can also lose your customers. Therefore, there should be no risk to this business, for that you have to keep your skills constantly updated.

If you have learned well about computer repair service and are confident about your work, then take advantage of the opportunity and do not spend time starting your new business.