How to Make Carrot Soap without lye

How to Make Carrot Soap
Making homemade soap seems to have become fashionable. Maybe many choose to create their own soap in order to save money, but the truth is that a good idea if what we want is to discover how it is made, how it is made, what options we have since we can do it of all kinds of aromas and above all get that we can wash our hands or body with our own soap.

How to Make Carrot Soap?

To make our homemade soap we will explain several different recipes, one with carrot and another one even in which you can make soap from used oil and others. Surprising!

How to make homemade carrot soap

With a homemade soap, we make sure that we will have a much more careful skin given that all the ingredients we are going to use are natural and in this particular case we are going to make one with a carrot that you will definitely love.
You should know that carrots not only allow us to preserve the tan of the skin in summer, but the presence of carotenes between its components allows us to fight free radicals and with it we are going to delay ageing, in addition to keeping the skin hydrated and Treat even cases of eczema or wound healing.
With carrot soap, you will also have softer skin and not only that, but it is highly recommended for people with sensitive skin and can not use certain types of soaps or those that are industrial.


Ingredients to make a carrot soap:

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Carrot puree (which you can make with two boiled and crushed carrots)

  • 190 ml of water (of which we used to cook the carrots)
  • 1 tablespoon of salt
  • 400 ml in olive oil
  • 100 ml in castor oil
  • 300 ml in coconut oil.
  • 112 g of caustic soda
  • 25 drops of essential oil
Before starting to mix ingredients, you have to know what to make all kinds of soaps it is necessary to do it in a place that has ventilation, besides using gloves, glasses and some utensils that we will now see.

The first thing you do is put in a bowl or tub, mashed carrots, salt, water and then little by little and very carefully, caustic soda. With a wooden spoon or stick, you will remove everything and do not be scared if you notice its temperature since caustic soda is what causes this increase in temperature. Once you have everything mixed you just have to let it cool for an hour.
When we have the cold mixture, we throw the oils. You must add while you are stirring in circles and without stopping and until you notice that the whole mixture becomes more dense and consistent.

You will need a mold, or several, (of silicone or wood) in which to throw the mixture and the best thing is that we cover it with a baking paper (the bright part outwards) since this way it will be easier for you to unmold the soap.

You have to allow at least 48 hours for the soap to harden. After unmolding, place them in a rack and in an airy place so that for a minimum of six weeks the soap is cured.