Tips for doing business in Spain | How to do Business in Spain?

The Spanish entrepreneur’s personal relationships are very important and are a key piece in establishing commercial or business relationships. Before starting a business or employment relationship, the Spanish businessman prefers to meet the person and know who he is dealing with. Therefore, once the first contact is achieved, it is recommended that the Peruvian exporter dedicate time to develop a personal relationship with his Spanish counterpart.

How to do Business in Spain?

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How to do Business in Spain
Similarly, the Spanish businessman prefers face-to-face meetings more than any other contact link. If the communication is maintained by some other channel or via (fax, email, skype, among others), you should try to follow up with personal meetings from time to time. Excessive written communication can generate distrust in the entrepreneur. Also, if a problem arises, the employer feels more comfortable discussing it and solving it openly, personally. Moreover, you can repeatedly make final decisions during the course of a meal, for example.
The hierarchy is also important for the Spanish businessman. Therefore, while working in a team, the final decisions are made by the head or senior person in the team. Similarly, they expect to work with people of the same rank at the time of decision making. Keep in mind that the Spanish entrepreneur takes time for his decisions, as it is interesting to consult and analyze all aspects in detail. Therefore, the Peruvian exporter must be patient and wait for his response.
It is worth mentioning that punctuality is appreciated in Spain, as in other European countries. Not only does the Spanish businessman usually arrive at work meetings in time, but he also prepares himself properly for them. Therefore, it is suggested to have at hand all the possible information about the company and the product to which it is represented and, if possible, have the samples. Another aspect to take into account is that the Spanish entrepreneur greatly appreciates that his commercial counterpart complies with the provisions and that he sends responses on time, even if they are not positive.