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Websites for International Trade
The Internet is the main tool of information on each of the aspects of International Trade who have businesses. There is a huge volume of information on the network, which requires searching, filtering, reading, organizing and applying the content in the fastest and most efficient way. Therefore, and to facilitate this work, the following is a selection of websites in English that are most relevant to companies and professionals dedicated to international trade.

Best Websites for international trade

1. Distribution Agreement

Issues to consider when drafting a distribution agreement.
Useful information on the drafting of distribution agreements, plus a link to a draft agreement.

2. Free trade agreements

List of free trade agreements.

3. Market analysis

ITC tools for market analysis.

4. Arbitration

Private arbitration company. 

Arbitration and Mediation Center of the World Intellectual Property Organization.

5. Commercial company databases

Commercial list of 3 million companies worldwide. Free search or basic registration.

6. ISO certification

Website of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). The good starting point to know the accreditation process.
A site with useful information that collects frequently asked questions about ISO certification, including cost, term, etc.
ISO committee on conformity assessment. It contains a list of publications that deal with the certification process and the bodies that grant the certification.

An alternative opinion on the ISO certification. 

7. Accounting

A good website to understand accounting, from basic principles to sophisticated practice. Based on the United States, but with testimonies from Australia, China, Finland, India, Nigeria, the Philippines, and the United Kingdom.

8. Franchise Agreement

Example of an international franchise agreement.

9. Anti-Corruption Convention

Information on corruption and legislation prohibiting its practice.

Website of the global coalition against corruption. Publish an index of corruption levels in different countries.

10. Cultural differences

Website dedicated to the cultures of the world. Useful information, by countries.
A website dedicated to the cultures of the world. Useful information, by countries.

11. Market access strategies

Different ways of accessing the markets, with their respective pros and cons (of Austrade).
Draft representation contract.

12. National export strategies

ITC service to develop national export strategies.

13. Country information

Portal of numerous electronic markets. Specialized service focused on specific products or sectors. A good source for researchers.

14. Market studies

Site to find international business contacts.

Site to find market research

15. International Fairs and Events

List of about 20,000 trade fairs and events, with a profile of the event and information about the organizers, venues, etc.

Detailed advice on the planning of trade shows; It includes calendars, strategies and practical advice.

The label on the stand of the commercial exhibition. 

Very useful tips drawn from experience on how to get the most out of participation in trade shows – from the American perspective.

16. Investment

World Investment Report of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD). It contains statistics on trade flows and updates of general policy recommendations for the management of investment flows. Very useful reference information
Reference to the World Bank’s activities to support investment projects (especially in infrastructure).,,contentMDK:20120732~menuPK:268725~pagePK:41367~piPK:51533~theSitePK:40941.00.html

17. Internet and legal problems

A useful document to know the legal aspects related to the use of the Internet.

18. National brand

Collection of information on national brands.
ITC study on the creation of national brand and export promotion.
Information about the ITC program to organize business conferences.

19. Electronic markets

Portal to join the world of electronic markets.

20. Business negotiations

Reference website with access to reports on numerous countries, with information on etiquette and rules to negotiating. It also informs about international contracts (in English, French, Spanish and German) and additional commercial information.
Useful article that highlights some of the factors common to all international trade negotiations. Brief, but interesting.

21. International business regulations

United Nations Commission for International Commercial Law (UNCITRAL).

22. Export marketing plans

How to prepare an export plan (from Austrade).
Suggestions on the preparation of an export plan.
How to prepare an export marketing plan. 
Software that facilitates the preparation of export marketing plans.

23. Preparing to export

Useful for companies that ask themselves if they are ready to export.
List of nine questions to companies about their export capacity. To receive specific feedback, the company must be domiciled in the United States.
Detailed questionnaire on preparation for export.
Evaluation of export capacity and, also, extensive information on export.

24. Business regulations

Link to World Bank publications on business regulation in 185 different economies. A useful guide to compare with other countries, but users should verify on the ground because regulations change frequently.

25. Business rounds

A good site to consult all aspects of the management of a conference. The site is British, but much of its content is applicable to any business conference.