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Information About Eversight

Company Name Eversight
Website eversightlabs.com
Category Retail Software
Company Description Eversight, Inc. provides software solutions. The Company offers solutions that help retailers and consumer goods manufacturers dramatically improve promotion effectiveness and trade promotions by combining predictive analytics, cloud software, big data, and behavioral economics.
Country United States
Company Size 57
Company Phone +1 650-245-4698

Financial Information of Eversight

Customer Database 0
Revenue $1.9M
Year-over-Year Growth
Funding $24.2M
Founded Year 2013
Social Media Presence
Linkedin Page https://www.linkedin.com/company/eversight
Facebook Page https://facebook.com/eversightlabs
Twitter Page https://twitter.com/eversightlabs
Eversight’s Founder Information
Founder Name Jaime Rapperport
First Name Jaime
Last Name Rapperport
Founder Email
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