Ek Thali Ek Tarkari Yojana : Benefits and Goals of Peasant Diet in Uttar Pradesh

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Ek Thali Ek Tarkari scheme is for Uttar Pradesh’s farmers. This program was started to double the income of farmers in the state. You all know that to double the farmer’s income, the central government and the state government launch many kinds of programs. Work is ongoing to increase the farmers’ income through all these programs initiated by the central government and the Raj government. Keeping this problem in mind, the government of Uttar Pradesh has also launched a new scheme for the benefit of farmers, the name of which is Ek Thali Ek Tarkari Yojana Is.

Through this article, Ek Thali Ek Tarkari Yojana, All important information such as What is Ek Thali Ek Vegetable Program? You will be able to know the purpose of launching the program, the application process under the program, etc. So I request you to read this post carefully till the endYojana 

Ek Thali Ek Tarkari Yojana 2022

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Shri Yogi Adityanath launched this scheme for farmers in the Bundelkhand region in 2022. Under a government thali one scheme, farmers will be able to grow nutritious vegetables in their fields so that the city’s inhabitants will be able to buy fresh vegetables at low prices. Under this state government scheme, BPL farmers in Uttar Pradesh will receive seeds free of charge. 

Thanks to this, the income of farmers will increase. Thanks to this program launched by the government of Uttar Pradesh, green vegetables can be grown in Bundelkhand. This program launched by the government is considered a good step for farmers. This scheme can double the income of farmers. Ek Thali Ek Tarkari Yojana 2022 Within this framework, farmers, are encouraged to grow post vegetables.

Brief Details of Ek Thali Ek Tarkari Yojana 2022 Program


Ek Thali Ek Tarkari Yojana

planning credit Chief Minister Shri Yogi Adityanath
How to start planning 2022
state Uttar Pradesh
Application process In line
profit Provide free vegetable seedlings and seeds to poor farmers in the state
Beneficiary All-State GLP-Holding Farmers
official site not launched yet
category of articles state government system

Purpose of launching UP Ek Thali Ek Tarkari Yojana 2022

The country’s economic situation has worsened due to the Corona epidemic. Most farmers, traders, and working-class people were very upset about this outbreak. To overcome all these people’s problems, the central government and the state government together launch many kinds of programs. 

Due to this corona outbreak in the country, farmers in the Bundelkhand region had stopped growing vegetables due to losses caused by vegetable crops. Faced with all these problems, the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh a plate a government scheme started because the farmer had now started talking about wheat, pulses, and all other crops instead of vegetables.

Due to the introduction of all these crops by the farmers in the state, there was a shortage of vegetables in the region. People from the state brought in vegetables from outside at high prices to supply vegetables. 

But now, this program launched by the government does not oblige the people of Bundelkhand to bring vegetables from outside. Because the government is now encouraging farmers to grow vegetables so that city people can get good vegetables and farmers’ income can also be doubled. 

A plate a plant-based diet The main objective of starting this program is to double the farmers’ income and provide good vegetables at affordable prices to the inhabitants of the city.

The application process under the scheme

Under this government-sponsored program, no official website has yet been launched. You cannot apply under this scheme now, but as soon as the state government launches an official website under the One Thali One Vegetable scheme, we will tell you through This article. For more information, keep visiting our website.

Other Important Programs Launched by the State Government

The government launches many kinds of programs for the farmers in the state; some of the programs launched by the government are given below.

UP Kisan Uday Yojana

Keeping in mind the problems of the farmers in the state, many types of schemes are also operated by the state government; one of them is the name of the scheme. Uttar Pradesh Kisan Uday Yojana Is. This program was started especially for farmers. Under this program, pumping units are given to farmers for irrigation. With the help of these pump sets, farmers can easily do farming in their fields. Under this Kisan Uday Yojana launched by the state government, farmers are replaced with five and 5 and 7.5 hp capacity pumps without rupees. The pumps provided by the state government are energy efficient, thanks to which farmers’ electricity bills are reduced by up to 35%.

Kisan Uday Yojana was launched on the birthday of the country’s former prime minister, Charan Singh. The state government has set a target to provide free irrigation pumps to 10 lakh farmers in by 2022. Under this program, the government will bear the maintenance cost of the pumps handed over to the farmers for five years. The government of Baghpat initiated this program. Ghazipur, Gorakhpur, Varanasi, Ambedkar Nagar, Mathura, and the Aligarh districts of Uttar Pradesh will be covered in the first phase of this program.

Launched by the government Uttar Pradesh Kisan Uday Yojana, The main goal of the startup is to provide better pump sets for irrigation to farmers. So that farmers can irrigate their fields well and increase the crop yield. Farmers’ income can be doubled through this program. Along with this, there will also be savings in electrical energy. This program is for farmers in Uttar Pradesh only. To take advantage of this scheme, farmers will have to apply under the scheme; only then can they avail of this scheme.

Uttar Pradesh Gopalak Yojana

The government launched this program to promote dairy products in Uttar Pradesh. Unemployment can be reduced in the state through this scheme. Launched by the state government Uttar Pradesh Gopalak Yojana Under this scheme, unemployed people in the state can start their businesses by opening a dairy farm. Under this program, educated young people in the state receive a loan from the government bank. 

This program was initiated by the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Shri Yogi Adityanath. The objective of starting this program is to employ educated young people in the state so that unemployment can be reduced and the state’s economic condition can be improved.

Launched by the government Uttar Pradesh Gopalak Yojana. There are certain conditions of membership; you can only enjoy this program after fulfilling these conditions. The loan will be granted to the beneficiary by the state government based on the number of animals. This loan seeker can take from any bank. Unemployed people in the state of Uttar Pradesh can avail this scheme. To avail of the scheme, you need to apply under the scheme.

UP Self-Reliance Farmers Integrated Development Program

The Government of Uttar Pradesh UP Aatmanirbhar Farmers Integrated Development Program was started to improve the economic condition of farmers. Under this program, farmers will be able to become self-sufficient. More and more crops will be promoted in the state through the program launched by the state government. Under this program, agriculture is linked to new technologies. Detailed information on this scheme will soon be communicated to farmers. Uttar Pradesh Finance Minister Shri Suresh Kumar Khanna will allocate 100 million farmers under this scheme in his budget. He announced this scheme in his 2022 budget.

UP Self-Reliance Farmers Integrated Development Program 

The main purpose of the startup is to provide financial assistance to farmers for farming. So that they can cultivate well in their fields, under this scheme initiated by the government, benefits such as new technologies, value addition, the establishment of block-level farmer organizations, investment, and better marketing have been included. To benefit from the integrated scheme for self-employed farmers, it will be necessary to apply for this scheme. But no official information has yet been released by the state government regarding this program. As soon as official information regarding this program is released, we will let you know through this article. For more information, keep visiting our website.


All important information about this has been made available. Apart from this, information about other programs launched by the Raj government has also been given in this article. If you face any problem under these government-initiated programs, you can ask about it by writing your problem in the comment box below. We will always be available to help you in any way. Thank you


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