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Company Name Coeus Software
Category Cloud Computing Software
Company Description Coeus Software specialises in providing secure digital working solutions for large and small organisations across all market sectors. Its vision is to help organisations rationalise their working practices and processes within a secure environment such as IL3. Our aim is to help organisations plan a digital future which makes them more efficient, more profitable, and will finally allow them to abandon massive, ineffective bureaucratic manual paper-based systems. Coeus Software takes a different approach to some other software providers and believes in a ‘Little Bang’ approach. It does NOT operate a consultancy culture which demands customers swallow a bespoke ‘big pill’ monolithic solution to change working processes simultaneously, usually at escalating and excessive costs. Neither does it hold its customers to ransom when it comes to software upgrades.
Country United Kingdom
Company Size 7
Company Phone +44 1452 857155

Financial Information of Coeus Software

Customer Database 0
Revenue $487.4K
Year-over-Year Growth
Founded Year 2006
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Coeus Software’s Founder Information
Founder Name Simon Hall
First Name Simon
Last Name Hall
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Technology Using Microsoft Exchange Online; Microsoft Office 365; Go Squared; Google Tag Manager; Google Analytics; Outlook; WordPress