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Information About ClickUp

Company Name ClickUp
Category Collaboration & Productivity Software
Company Description Our mission is to make the world more productive. To do this, we built one app to replace them all – Tasks, Docs, Goals, and Chat.
Country United States
Company Size 800
Company Phone +1 650-203-2403

Financial Information of ClickUp

Customer Database 85K
Revenue $80M
Year-over-Year Growth 116.22%
Funding $537.5M
Valuation $4B
Founded Year 2017
Social Media Presence
Linkedin Page
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ClickUp’s Founder Information
Founder Name Zeb Evans
First Name Zeb
Last Name Evans
Founder Email [email protected]
Technology Using Amazon Simple Email Service; Youtube; Route 53; WordPress; ios; Facebook Advertiser; Salesforce; Segment; Cloud Flare; Drip; Intercom; Magento Enterprise; Drift; Hotjar; Google Tag Manager; Facebook Connect; SteelHouse; Bing Advertiser; Sendgrid; Attribution; Google Analytics; Twitter Button; Google Apps

ClickUp FAQ

What is ClickUp used for?

Create unlimited tasks, checklists, and to-dos.
Thread comments with team members and clients.
Empower your team with @mentions and attachments.
Organize projects in a centralized hub that connects you, your team, and your clients.
Utilize project management dashboards to monitor progress and ensure delivery dates are met.
Centralize your knowledge base using wikis to encourage team collaboration while reducing the back and forth of email chains.
Execute time-based tasks with automated reminders.
Use task dependencies and relationships to accurately schedule projects and resources.
Assign multiple people per task for maximum efficiency.
Leverage your Custom Fields to add personalized details to tasks like Estimated Time, Customer Name, Priority, Project Type, etc.
Flexible Weekly Calendar View gives an overview of the current week’s workload for all assigned tasks.
Keep track of the health of all projects so you can stay proactive instead of reactive. Utilize Project Progress Views to see % Complete across your entire project or workspace at a glance — without counting tasks or updating progress by hand!
ClickUp is a tool that aims to keep companies organized

What is better than ClickUp?

Well, We can’t say below are better than ClickUp, but you can use the alternative of ClickUp.

ProProfs Project

How much does it cost to use ClickUp?

UNLIMITED: $5 user/month billed annually or $9 user/month billed monthly.
BUSINESS: $9 user/month billed annually or $19 user/month billed monthly.

Does ClickUp integrate with Google Docs?


How does Google Drive integrate with ClickUp? How do I link a Google Doc to a ClickUp?

ClickUp integrates with Google Docs, making it easy to create, edit and comment on Docs, Sheets and Slides within ClickUp. When you’re ready to collaborate, you can share the Google Docs file to a ClickUp task directly!
Step 1 – Add the integration in your profile settings
Step 2 – Create a new doc from within a task
Step 3 – Share your newly created doc with teammates in a task
Now you know how to create Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides directly from your ClickUp tasks!

Does ClickUp have templates?


Does ClickUp have a client portal?


You can:

·       Communicate
·       Set deadlines
·       Share expectations
·       Notify your clients as you make progress.

What can guests do on ClickUp?

You can be invited to participate in tasks and lists or folders.
Invite yourself to Docs Goals, Dashboards, and Docs
Docs can be attached to tasks with the same permissions they are attached to the Task.
Doc views can be used with Doc Views on folders or lists.
Access Trash to look at and restore items that they have deleted
For any paid plan, there is a wide range of settings for permissions available to guests.
Check the task IDs of associated or dependent tasks, except when they have express authorization for the related tasks.
Use ClickApp functions (such as Sprint Points) as long they can edit or have full access to the Task, the List, and the Folder. Ensure that the relevant fields aren’t obscured (such as Time Estimates)

What companies use ClickUp?

The famous companies using ClickUp like:


Why ClickUp is good?

Multiple Views.
Customization Capabilities.
Team Collaboration & Communication.
Real-Time Reporting.
Time Tracking Capabilities.
Integration Power.