CamelCase (also called “camel case” or “dromedary case”) is a naming convention in which the first letter of each word is capitalized on a compound word.

For example, a video game is “StarCraft,” a band is “FireHouse,” and a company is “MasterCard.” At the same time, the term “CamelCase” is itself named from a CamelCase naming convention.

By the way, CamelCase has a lot of applications in computing, while it is used more in programming languages ​​and website names.

Most programming languages ​​also do not allow spaces in their functions, variables, and names of other entities. So programmers often use CamelCase to define any objects in the source code.

For example, related variables are used in a C ++ program with names like “lowerCamelCase” names such as: employeeID, employeeFirstName, employeeLastName, and employeeAddress. By having capital letters in it, they make the name of each variable more readable.

You cannot include spaces in some domain names, so most web-based companies use CamelCase to separate words in their brand names.

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