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Company Name BrightDime
Category Educational Software
Company Description Let’s start with the 1950s. I have this idyllic image:  strong family values, loyal employees, job security, less crime and terror, cute homogenous neighborhoods, retire at 65 with plenty to live on… know the whole baseball and apple pie thing. My name is David Stedman, CEO of BrightDime, and that’s the image I grew up with in North Carolina. The reality was that prejudice, terror, sadness and hate were just as prevalent back then. It’s just that today we’re all aware of it; technology has made these realities difficult to ignore.  Advances in communication update us every minute on something terrible happening in the world.
Country United States
Company Size 8
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Financial Information of BrightDime

Customer Database 0
Revenue $672.5K
Year-over-Year Growth
Founded Year 2013
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BrightDime’s Founder Information
Founder Name David Stedman
First Name David
Last Name Stedman
Founder Email [email protected]
Technology Using Mailchimp; Rollbar; Google Tag Manager; Google Analytics; Google Apps; Sendgrid; Facebook Advertiser; Cloud Flare