Barebones PC is a computer that has very minimal components.

The components in a typical barebones system include a case, motherboard, CPU, hard drive, RAM, and power supply. Most barebones systems are sold in kits, where the user assembles the pay components.

Since barebones PCs do not come preassembled already, they are not designed for the average computer user.

Rather barebones kits are mainly made for computer enthusiasts (computer knowledgeable) and users who like to make their PCs. By purchasing only a few specific components, users can easily customize their computer system completely and will not have to pay extra money for other things.

For example, if you are buying a barebones kit, you can choose which keyboard and mouse you will buy since they are not included in this kit.

No software is bundled with barebones systems, so you don’t have to pay for software that you don’t need.

In most barebones systems, there is no operating system already, so it is up to you which operating system you want to install that is compatible with your hardware.

If seen, all barebones PCs are desktop computers as most of them are customizable. At the same time, some companies offer barebone laptop systems, or “bare books,” which can also be homebuilt.

Macintosh computers also require the same components as are required in PCs. Therefore, the Mac OS X operating system requires proprietary hardware to run. This is why barebones systems are generally built and run either in Windows or Linux.

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