Alicia Zurita, CEO of Lubets: “Since free software I have been passionate about the erotic sector without thinking about it”

Technological advances cross all possible borders, including those of the erotic market. Lubets was born as the ideal mix to launch a new line of single-use and eco-friendly pocket lubricants to the world. At the head of the company is Alicia Zurita, a software expert and experienced in the sector.

Alicia, when did you decide to take the last step to start your own project?

Ever since I can remember, I’ve wanted to be a businesswoman. When I was 8, I was already talking about it. I took the plunge when I was 20 as a student and it was with a free software company. They invested 87 million pesetas in us and it was a great learning experience for me. I have never been able or wanted to leave the company.

How did the idea of ​​Les Lubets come about? Why this industry?

I have been in this sector since 2005, always with an international profile and I study the evolution and the market. VSWhen I started, there were still porn DVDs on the shelves of sex shops. I understood that there was so much to do in this sector and that it was so exciting to be part of this change, that from free software I fell in love with the erotic sector without thinking about it. The opportunity was immense; everything had to be built. After so many years of observing and testing other brands and products, I decided to land the brand that I think the consumer and distribution channel needs. We needed a brand of high quality lubricants and gels with values ​​based on ecology. And from there, break with the codes established in the sector, by building an innovative product in the format and with a new communication that connects with the consumer and breaks taboos. What we want to say to the world is that it is not a product of necessity, it is a product of pleasure. We also wanted to facilitate their access via traditional distribution channels (perfumers, pharmacies, supermarkets, small shops and online).

Although it seems to be opening up more and more, women in business are even less visible, are there sectors that are more inclined or is it a question of breaking the ceiling of glass and reveal the work of women in the corporate world?

In my opinion, there is a lot to do. We are not visible enough, but it is also true that there are more and more tools. The technological world is predominantly male and represents the present and the future. We have to be there, in front, it seems that we are always behind, when we enter we do it with force, but we do not stop innovating. Regarding the sectors, This same, no doubt, is led by women. In Spain, there are four very successful international brands founded by women. And there are other incredible examples in Europe, also in this sector. We innovate and see opportunities in our daily lives. New generations will be better prepared to innovate in technology.

“It’s not a product of necessity, it’s a product of pleasure. We also wanted to facilitate their access via traditional distribution channels, such as perfumeries, pharmacies or supermarkets”

Alicia, what does the direction of the Lubets represent for you on a professional level?

Continuous learning. If you are not in continuous training, do not dedicate yourself to the business. I’m enjoying a sweet moment in female entrepreneurship and I mean investors. Although an entrepreneur I think I will never feel satisfied, Lubets is the place where I always wanted to be, the place that gives me the opportunity to apply all the knowledge acquired during these years in the sector, to feel very safe and enjoy. I surround myself with talent and it’s always very motivating. In addition, Lubets allows me to have access to incredible contacts with endless opportunities that stimulate my creativity, and that is what gives me the most professional energy.

What challenges did you face as an entrepreneur and in a sector like this?

It would be worth writing a book, but the main challenge was my determination to bring this category to a traditional distribution channel. At first, none player in mass consumption, I wanted to be associated with a sexual wellness brand, and despite that, I achieved great success. Today everything is very different, the point of sale has understood that it’s not a fad, it’s a trend that is here to stay. And that not only does it not harm your image, but it energizes it and brings freshness, although not all products are equal in this regard. Secondly, I think another key challenge is funding. Today the investor also sees that this category has excellent prospects and invests in women, Well, women entrepreneurs are known to succeed through their perseverance and resilience, although there are many investors who only invest in technology. Finally, the big challenge is to be an enterprising mother and that all of us in the family survive!

Where is Lubets now?

We have just very quickly closed a small funding round and were lucky enough to be able to choose our investors. Additionally, we develop our implementation strategy, both online and offline. In Spain, we are already working with major players such as Druni, Douglas, Mifarma or Planeta Huerto, to name a few. In addition, we continue to grow in pharmacies hand in hand with Alliance Healthcare and Fedefarma and in a small business campaign that we are running successfully. Internationally, we sell throughout Europe, we have registered the brand in the United States, China, South Korea, Vietnam, Singapore and the United Arab Emirates, with agreements in all these countries. We are in a period of great growth and will soon be opening another round of funding.

“Today the investor also sees that the erotic sector has great prospects and invests in women, because it is known that women entrepreneurs succeed thanks to our perseverance and resilience”

What is your current perception of the lubricants and erotic toys market?

There are two main positions in the market: juvenile and pathological. Lubets is the result of an opportunity to broaden the target of potential customers, and bring it to both those who need it and those who don’t. Lubets is an excellent quality product that wants to forget the “need” and focus on the playful part. The market without Lubets is boring, dull… Then there are the specialized outlets with products that are not regulated by law and therefore less reliable. Without a doubt, it is a market of great opportunity, since in my opinion it will be more and more frequent for the category to be available in conventional stores. and others will come players compete. Surely little ones who will become big. The big ones are because of their distribution and publicity power, and the rest of us must be eternally grateful that they opened the door for us.

How does Lubets intervene to change the way of consuming this type of product?

Lubets changes all the rules. It is used because it is necessary, but also to enjoy, to offer, it is easily transported and we take care of all the details in the formulations. It is not a product that should be used every time you have sex; it is to live experiences, privileged moments, try new sensations… Therefore, Lubets is a must have, and you can always carry it in your pocket. It can be more costs and hygienic? Can you imagine using a boat as usual for different relationships?

Where is this sector going, what can we expect from it today and where will it evolve in the years to come?

The road leads us to have a gap in all kinds of establishments. In fact, the category already exists in many places that we thought were very conventional. The trivialization of these products by adult women and younger generations brings them into the category of mass consumption. The consumer needs tools to have fun and there will be new features in this category all the time. I think the only thing missing is to standardize more men’s products and I’m sure that in this way there will be many novelties.

What is Lubets preparing for 2022?

For example, numerous collaborations with other brands, products and services. We are crazy to announce them. On the other hand, we have integrated the talents we lacked in the digital field to significantly increase our online growth. There will be new product launches, a new website and significant international expansion.

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