Ad Hoc

“Ad Hoc” is a Latin word meaning “for this work”. They are often used to describe solutions that have been developed to perform an assigned task.

In computer networking, an ad hoc network referred to a network connection created for a single session and did not require any router or wireless base station.

For example, if you have to transfer a file to your friend’s laptop, you have to create an ad hoc network to transfer the file between your computer and its laptop.

To do this, an Ethernet crossover cable or a computer’s wireless cards can be used to communicate between them. At the same time, if you have to share a file between more than one computer, then in such a situation, you will have to set up a multi-hop ad hoc network, which can transfer the data through multiple nodes.

An ad hoc network is a temporary network connection created for a specific purpose (such as transferring data from one computer to another). Whereas if a network is set up for a long time, it is only a plain local area network (LAN).

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