Microsoft Access, often abbreviated to “MS Access”, is a very popular Windows Operating System database application. Using Access, users can easily create a custom database that they can use to store information in an organized structure.

In addition, the program provides a visual interface to create custom forms, tables, and SQL queries. Either visual forms or a basic SpreadSheet Interface is used to enter data into an Access Data database. Stored information of the Access database can also be browsed, searched, and accessed from another program such as Web Services.

Access is a proprietary database management system; it is also compatible with other database programs because it supports open database connectivity. This allows it to send and send data from other Access databases such as MS SQL, Foxpro, FilmMaker Pro and Oracle Database.

The same Compostability is also helpful to make Access a back end of a database-driven website. Microsoft FrontPage, Expression Web and ASP.Net, of course, have built-in support for access databases. And for the same reason, websites hosted on Microsoft Windows Server often use the Access Database itself to generate dynamic content.


Microsoft Access

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