Abstraction is a general concept or idea in place of something concrete. According to computer science, abstraction has the same definition of the same form. It is a simple form of a technical thing, such as a function or object of a program. The goal of “abstraction” is to reduce complexity.

At some level, we all think of computers in abstract terms. When we type a document in a word processor, we do not think of how the CPU processes every typed letter and also do not think how to save what we type in data memory. Being done.

Whenever we see a webpage, we do not think about how binary data is being transferred to the Internet and how they are being processed and how the web browser is being processed and presented. We do not think about all these things. We type in our document and browse the web. In the same way, we are naturally obstructing computing concepts.

Even highly technical people, such as software developers, can also use abstraction. For example, one main advantage of object-oriented programming is data abstraction.

It transforms complex entities (entities) into simplified objects that can be changed and used within the program. These objects, often called classes, can have many properties and methods.

By consolidating all these things into one object, it becomes easier for the programmer to access and manage the data within the program.

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