How To Make Phenyl Floor Cleaner - Floor Cleaner Formulation


Do you know how to make phenyl floor cleaner?

Let us know step by step Phenyl floor cleaner formulation.

Category BT-6156 Cosmetic Liquid is a polyphenylmethylsiloxane that improves the performance of many types of cosmetic formulations. It has excellent solubility in alcohol. It can improve the performance of a variety of cosmetic formulations to improve the product R.I. and form a thin layer of breathable, lightsome, soft membrane, and no oil is not greasy, it is ideal additives to a variety of cosmetic formulations.

Phenyl Characteristics for floor cleaner formulation.

floor cleaner formulation.

Easily emulsified
Good compatibility with cosmetic ingredients
Resistant to oxidation
Provides nonoily, easy to spread the emolliency and allows natural skin transpiration through a soft invisible film
Good anti-stick and anti-adhesion characteristics
Gives the shine, softness and the best viability of the hair

Use of Phenyl

The cosmetic liquid category BT-6156 is easy to emulsify with standard emulsifiers by common techniques.

Liquid Phenyl Manufacturing Machinery for floor cleaner formulation.

1.    MS  or SS Tank
2.    Storage and mixing Vessels
3.    Planetary mixture
4.    Furnace
5.    Measuring equipment
6.    Hydrometer
7.    Liquid filling machine
8.    Cap sealing machine

How to make standard phenyl floor cleaner?

250 Kg. batch

50 Kg. LLP – light liquid Paraffin oil – 60 rs. +
25 Kg. – Emulsifier 4.5 – 160 rs. + 
10 kg. – pine oil – 300 rs.
215 Kg. water – FREE 

How to make regular phenyl floor cleaner?

500 Kg. batch

50 Kg. LLP – light liquid Paraffin oil – 60 rs. +
25 Kg. – Emulsifier 4.5 – 160 rs. + 
10 kg. – pine oil – 300 rs.
465 Kg. water – FREE 

If you have doubt or questions about floor cleaner formulation then you can ask in comments, We will try to answer you all.

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  1. Sir I want to add perfume in phenyle howz this If i dont use pine oil
    If I use alfox200
    Mineral oil
    Tro 50% and perfume as I like is this correct tell me sir and what is quantity for making 1 liter

  2. Sir I want raw materail of mineral oil