Dishwashing Liquid Chemical Formula | Recipes | Step By Step Making Commercial Dishwashing Liquid

Dishwashing Liquid Chemical Formula

So guys are you planning to start a business of dishwashing liquid than you must know dishwashing liquid chemical formula, We are here presenting formula with the approx price so you get some idea about cost as well as can calculate the basic cost. The prices may vary so we are not responsible for any kind of cost. We do not sell anything neither raw materials nor secret formula. We are just helping people to set up a business. 
dishwashing liquid chemical formula

Dishwashing liquid chemical formula of 250 Kg. batch

50kg. MSP: (mono-sodium phosphate) – 40rs. Kg
100 kg – sodium bicarbonate -30 rs.
90 Kg. – Salt (1.5 to 3.5 rs.)
5 gm.  – pigment colour 
2gm   -  Fragrance - (Need to buy a minimum of 100 gm )
9 kg. Acid slurry / labsa – 140 to 160 rs. 

Kindly note down raw materials for dishwashing liquid. ↥

Now you have a chemical formula for dishwashing liquid now we will go step by step making commercial dishwashing liquid and how to use it.

Now collect all raw materials for dishwashing liquid and mix in drum and mix it properly. Once it mixes it properly than mix in a chemical mixture. Once you feel that all the chemical has been mixed up and forming. Then stop the mixture and test it. After testing properly your dishwashing liquid is ready for packing and sale it.

If you have any questions, feedback or want some more formula on other products than kindly comments as well as do not forget to share. Thank you in advance.

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